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Im overweight and have started trying to walk for exercise.

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I'm overweight and have started trying to walk for exercise. I used to exercise all the time and never had this issue. I have started walking a trail (paved) at a college that is about .25 mile in length. At first, I was wearing all-terrain shoes and thought it might be that. I've sinced bought specific walking shoes and have the same issue.

The issue....when I'm walking (at a pace faster than every day walking, but not anything super fast), I get the most intense pain on the outside of my leg above the ankle about half way up my leg. It isn't in the calf on the back of the leg or anything like that. I thought it might be the shoes, but now think it might be that my leg muscles are too tight. It is so intense, I can't continue walking as tears stream out of my eyes. I also can't stand to be on my feet when the pain starts as I can't relieve the pain unless there is no weight on my feet. I'm not sure what it is and I'm concerned it might be a circulatory problem or something serious, but then I think it could just be I need to work up strenght and work out those muslces. I'm lost!
Thank you for your question:

Unfortunately, determining the cause of this over the internet is not possible. There are a number of possible causes including as you mentioned a circulation problem - although at your age this is not the most likely cause.

I typically advise anyone who is going to start an exercise program (particularly if they have any health problems including being overweight) to see their physician for a good physical. Your primary care physician would be the place to start.
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