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I have a small lump on my outer lower leg close to the front

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I have a small lump on my outer lower leg close to the front of the calf.I'ts been there for a wile still same size (circumfance of about a dime). It doesn't hurt but when I press on it,it's kinda mushy like a liquidly center.When I'm sitting t dissapears but when standing or exercising it really stands out.There is no color to it no burn & no pain.What do you think it could possiably be?
Thank you for your question:

Have you ever had this checked by a physician?

How long has this been there (days, weeks, months or years)?

Do you have any other medical problems?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

cant afford the doctor right now so No.

a couple of years i guess but I noticed it more w/in the last year as I've been trying to get fit and stay Healthy w/exercise

No other medical issues that I know of,had a Physical a year or so ago and had a clean bill of health except my colestrol was a tiny bit high

Thank you for your question:

I'm sure you understand that there is no way to make a diagnosis over the internet since there is no way to examine you.

One common cause of a lump such as you describe is a varicose vein - a vein that is enlarged/dilated. This tends to enlarge with standing since gravity is working against blood flowing back towards the heart.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

wouldn't there be some kind of discoloration of the lump.I mean I do have as I call them they are Blue/Purplish/Slight redish.Is it possiable to be a Calcium deposite and if it is either of them what do i need to do to get rid of it..I'ts not attractive and the rest of my legs are decient looking and like to wear shorts often.

Not always - it depends on the depth of the varicose vein.

A calcium deposit would be expected to hard rather than the "mushy"
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok so who would or where would i go to get this removed/disolved/collapsed. It just looks ugly Dermitologist/orthapadic person or who??

If this is in fact a varicose vein - then a general surgeon or vascular surgeon would be your best bet.

I would suggest having this checked by a Family Physician initially. A examination would likely quickly confirm the diagnosis (or possibly suggest a different diagnosis). If the diagnosis is unclear, then a ultrasound or some other tests may be needed to give an definitive diagnosis.
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