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Sometimes I smell cigarette smoke, my mom smokes, but outside,

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Sometimes I smell cigarette smoke, my mom smokes, but outside, and lately I smell it even when I am not at home. It started about a week ago, and some places are more abundant than others, especially my room, where it is a bit stuff at times. I have read it could be a brain tumor.....could it be? My doctor at one time told me I might have vertigo, because I feel off here and there, isn't any worse from where it was 3 months ago. I cannot lay on my right side because when I turn over the room spins, sometimes I feel pressure in my ears also...I am really scared and making myself really nervous and now I am hiperventilating....ugh please help.
Phantosmia(olfactory hallucinations )are known to occur in neurological diseases like seizures,migraine,brain malignancies like temporal lobe tumours,strokes.They may also occur following sinusitis or acute respiratory tract infections.ENT diseasescan be ruled out by seeking the opinion of a ENT specialist.It would be prudent to see your PCP/Neurologist if the symptoms persist or increase as they may suggest a serious underlying disease.The spinning of the room and hyperventilation could be secondary to acute anxiety,rarely eustachian tube blockage,labrynthitis or middle ear infections may be the cause.Your doctor will be able to guide you further after examining you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My doctor did say it was my ear when I went to her a few months ago, and then I went back to her and she mentioned vertigo, I also was diagnosed with Diabetes II, very low but the first stages of it, but now with this I am worried, I worry a lot anyway it is just my nature I guess. I do feel pressure in both ears and like in a cloud here and there, could this be serious? Would it be best to see my ENT? I am really worried about tumors this is what scares me the most.....

It would be best to consult an ENT specialist to pinpoint any local ear and sinus causes for the problem.Failing this a consultation with a neurologist may be sought.Anxiety will add to your problems,it would be best to remain calm .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know you cannot really give me a diagnosis without seeing me yourself, but do you see this at times, the symptoms I have? Could this all be a sinus or inner ear problem? I am so sorry to ask so many questions but I am just really worried, I am a single mom with a 16 year old daughter and I just worry too much. Sometimes the smell is worse in other rooms then in every room....when taking a bath or other smells around me I do not notice it as much....I notice it also when driving but I am just trying to figure this all out...thank you again.

It is not a very common complaint but it does occur.It is often secondary to sinusitis or bacterial respiratory infections.Occasionally we have seen it following head injury or seizures.The smell is usually a burning smell,which may be associated with cigarette smoke.The dizziness would be secondary to middle ear infection or labrynthitis.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So what you are saying is the smell of cigarette smoke is second to sinusitis or respiratory infection, and dizziness is second to the middle ear? These two symptoms could very well be caused by sinusitis and the ear?

Yes that is a possibility.Rarer and more serious causes will need to be kept in mind if the commoner causes have not been found to cause the symptoms.I have not examined you and am merely suggesting the possibilities.It is not possible for me to make a diagnosis over the net.Ideally you need to see your PCP/who can examine you and guide you to the ENT specialist or the neurologist as suggested by the physical findings and investigations.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thank you so much for all your help, I really apprecitate it. I will contact my ENT doctor today.

Have a great day.

Thank you for the bonus.Please do let me know what is causing the problem.Have a great weekend,God bless.