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I am suffering from severe GERD. For the last week, a burning,

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I am suffering from severe GERD. For the last week, a burning, aching feeling that has been present in the area below my adam's apple is now worse. I realize that I must elevate my head when sleeping, and I have done this for the last couple of nights. Right now, however, I am feeling a sort of bloating in my throat area and it is vey difficult to swallow air as in to belch. It is very forced when attempted. I have been chewing DGL licorice tablets over the last week and a half, and, although, they have provided temporary relief after meals, I am getting the recurring burning ache (in which I presume to be my esophagus) at night while trying to sleep and somewhat after meals. Could you suggest anything other than typical TUMS, PPI meds, or the aforementioned DGL pills?
What you seem to be describing Laryngo-Pharyngeal Reflux Disorder in which the reflux of the stomach contents goes up to the throat and larynx.This may be accompanied by repeated sore throats,hoarseness of voice,cough and a raspy voice due to the effects of the acidic contents on the larynx.Use of a PPI like Prilosec(Lansoprazole)/Rabeprazole,prokinetic drug like Domperidone will help.Avoiding cola drinks,coffee/tea,smoking,alcohol,spicy foods,siting down or lying down after meals will help.Having dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed,elevating the head end of the bed by 6-9 inches,avoiding stress and regular exercise will help.Use of Sucralfate,a drug effective in healing of the intestinal mucosa damaged by acid will help.You may need to see a Gasteroenterologist for a Endoscopy and a ENT specialist for a Laryngoscopy to confirm or rule out the diagnosis.Your PCP/GP will be able to guide you further.
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Even if you do not have any symptoms regarding the throat(symptoms of LPRD) or the larynx,use of prokinetic drugs like Reglan/Domperidone and Sucralfate will provide relief in severe GERD.The sucralfate acts by combining with the protien in the raw mucosa caused by acid,causing a acid protective compound to form The burning ache will gradually settle down with these drugs,You may need to assess the oesophagus by a upper GI endoscopy and a Barium Swallow flouroscopy for motility disorders,as also rule out any cardiac ischaemia masquerading as dyspepsia.
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