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Since January of this year, Ive been experiencing strong headach

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Since January of this year, I've been experiencing strong headaches. In January, I went to the ER for it and they did a CT and MRI and came back normal. They did a spinal tap and they had found some white cells. So they kept me for about 5 days, just giving me pain medication. They thought it could of been meningitis but it wasn't a clear conclusion. So I got a family doctor and he has put me on anti depressants, steroids,anti seizure medication and still no improvement. I get about 3-4 a week and some last for days and with intensive pain. At first they started at the temples, then it moved to my occipital area, and now I feel them all over my head. recently i've felt pain behind my eyes (sometimes my vision gets blurry) and just very recently I get electrical like sensations that only last for a few seconds. I don't know what I should do next?

Do the headaches wake you from sleep?Are they accompanied by nausea/vertigo/flashing lights/recurrent throbbing headache with tinnitus?Are you on birth control pills?Do the pains increase during menstruation? Do you have any other systemic disease like diabetes,thyroid disorder,hypertension,autoimmune disease for which you are on medication?Please give me more information.Thanks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Lately yes. Most mornings I wake up with a headache like this morning. From time to time I will get dizzy. When I bend over or laying on my belly--I feel a lot pressure in my head almost feels like blown balloon. Nausea yes. Vertigo no, Flashing lights no, Yes to throbbing headache with tinnitus. I am on the patch, I started getting the headaches before I was put on the patch. I haven't noticed any change with menstruation. No other systemic diseases.

Morning headaches may be secondary to sleep apnoea,so if you snore,or are obese,it would be prudent to rule this out by getting a sleep study done.Stopping the patch for a couple of months may help eliminate that as a source of headaches.Migraine is another entity which needs to be ruled out by a detailed history and a trial of medicines like Flunarizine may help.Keeping a headache diary and a food diary may help pick up any food allergy like chocolate,Cheese,MSG and alcohol.A eye check up to eliminate any opthalmological cause of the headache would help.Regular exercise and stress reduction will help reduce any tension headaches.
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