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How do I find an expert medical diagnostician?

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How do I find an expert medical diagnostician?
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

there are many expert doctors out there who can help diagnose problems.

we have some good ones here at JustAnswers.

what are the symptoms and condition of the patient?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have a long history, I have been diagnostic with CFS which I feel has affected my immune system. Years ago ihad a fungal growth on my tonsils after at least 15 years of going to doctors and complaining about my tonsils, but no fever and I was ignored. I'm in a similar situation with problems possibly Eagles syndrome, but I know I feel like I have an infection again. But no fever, nothing empirical which I know doctors rely on over listening to the patient. I know I'm sick, I can feel it just like I felt it for 15 years before I grew the fungal infection. I don't know what to do. I tend to be a private low key kind of person so I think that doctors underestimate how badly I feel and how desperate I am . Please don't take advantage of me because I'm feeling desperate. Please try to help me.
you should return to your doctors and get some more blood testing and get reports of these testing. doctors here at justanswers like myself can help you inturpret results.

you should get testing to check for EBV viral infections which can cause mononucleosis and chronic fatigue.

you should get thyroid function testing to check for low thyroid levels and thyroiditis. you need to test for antithyroid antibodies such as antiperoxidase antibody and antithyroid globulin antibodies.

you should have your vitamin D and vitamin B12 and folate levels tested for. low levels for these can cause chronic fatigue and anemia and low red cells.

if all of these are normal, you can can always get blood testing for autoimmune disorders as well.

have the above levels been tested for?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Been there, done that. I had a subtotal color tommy 14 years aga and now have problems with anemia but I give myself B-12 shots and I'm treated for anemia. I've been living with these problems for over 30 years so trust me I have had all kinds of tests. Years ago when I had my tonsils out it took care of my overwhelming fatigue but still had fatigue. Now the overwhelming fatigue is back (gradually) and I'm certain I have one if not 2 infections going on in my mouth. One might be a cracked tooth, which I would have to have pulled, the other is my right jaw area below my tongue. It started mildly after I had my tonsils out and has gradually gotten worse. In the beginning it just hurt but now if feels sick. I also get terrible headaches occasionally and I've been to 2 neurologists about that. It's possible I have eagles syndrome (an e-ray confirmed growth in my styloid processes) but it also feels sick. But I don't get fevers. How do I get a doctor to listen to me and what possible tests should I get. Would a contrast test show anything. A MRI or a white blood contrast, I can't remember what it's called. You need to dig way deeper than the obvious, I've been dealing with all of this a long time and the obvious has been done.

MRI and CT scans should always be done with contrast if a patient's kidneys can tolerate the contrasts (gadolinium contrast for MRI scans). contrast helps the radiologist see blood vessels better anywhere in the body.

the increased styloid process which causes eagles syndrome could be pressing on the vagus nerve to cause nausea, sick feeling, headaches, throat pain, sore throat. if the pain is long standing chronic pain, this can also cause fatigue as well. if the pain is bad at night, you might not be sleeping well and this can cause day time fatigue as well. you definitely need a CT scan of the bones of the neck to best see the styloid process and how large it is. an MRI scan of the brain with contrast may or may not help.

if the styloid process is truly enlarging and your symptoms are worsening, you might need a surgery for a partial styloidectomy to cut down that styloid bone to decrease how much pressure that bone can cause onto your nerves and throat to help decrease the pain and hopefully eventually help with the fatigue.

does this help?


have you consulted with a spine surgeon about cutting down on the styloid process with a partial styloidetomy surgery?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What your mentioning is where I am right now. I know I need a cat scan and I have an ENT surgeon at Georgetown I have to see. (by the way it was a "nuclear test I couldn't think of earlier). I pretty sure I'll be looking into the surgery but if I have another fungal infection will the surgeon be able to see that?
yes, ENT doctors can scope you into your nose and down your throat and see if you have a fungal or thrush or yeast infection in the back of your throat. if there is one, these are easily treated with an antifungal pill like diflucan or a swish and swallow antifungal like nystatin.

but if the ENT doctor looks down your throat and doesn't see a fungal infection, then the throat symptoms could very well be caused by the elongated styloid process and eagle's syndrome irritating your throat making you feel like you have a throat infection where there isn't one there.

I'm glad you are seeing an ENT surgeon at Georgetown.

I hope you get some resolution to your throat symptoms and if you have surgery for your eagle's syndrome, I hope it works out well.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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