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Can you take 1 mg of Valium with 3 Mgs of lunesta? I also take

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Can you take 1 mg of Valium with 3 Mgs of lunesta? I also take 30 Mgs of oxycodone 4 times a day--last dose at least 2 hours before bedtime. This was prescribed by my physician. I do not drink.
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There is no interaction between lunesta and valium

I checked it in my physician drug interaction guide.

however, I would caution you to be careful as they both can increase sedation. But, like I said, no interaction listed.

Now, oxycodone and valium are a different story. I checked those and there is a "significant" interaction of increased sedation.

I would be extremely careful using all three of these together as they can definitely cause sedation

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So I should be safe with the listed doses--I have been prescribed Valium and oxycodone for years with no problem. From your answer it seems that if cautious adding lunesta at night should be ok?

Thanks for that extra info Thomas.

It makes me feel much better that you have been stable on valium and oxycodone at those doses for years.

Yes, I do think that lunesta would be safe to add

There is absolutely no interaction between this and your current drugs listed in my drug guide.

however, I do know it causes sedation so caution should be exerted.

You seem very responsible though so I think it will be fine. :)