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Sorry to be a little crude but dont really know how else to

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Sorry to be a little crude but don't really know how else to explain the sharp pain that I'm currently experiencing in my balls. It feels as i have been kicked there and really hurts just generally breathing. The pain becomes almost unbearable if i cough.
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If you developed this severe testicular pain all of a sudden, then you need to have an urgent evaluation by a physician in ER to rule out testicular torsion which can present like this. However, there are many other causes of testicular pain as well such trauma, infection, tumor etc, but in acute severe testicular pain testicular torsion has to be ruled out to avoid treatment failure.
You can read more about it from this link:

Please let me know if you have any other question for me.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
i don't think that it is that torsion you are talking about the pain once it comes back travels upward on either side of my stomach. I haven't had a bowel movement in the past 24 hours which for me is unusual. It could pass as stomach cramps but to extend that low and produce that amount of sharp pain is a mystery to me.
That means you are also experiencing pain in your abdomen? Are you able to pass gas? Any nausea/vomiting/fever? Do you feel pain when you press in your abdomen or genital region? Any noticeable swelling?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
i have passed a little gas today. no other particular place causes the severe pain that seem to end in my testicles.
I have not had sex for a while and have not been over exerting myself. the pain started last night whilst asleep and left this morning when i started moving around again it has only just returned after a while of laying on the couch.
Thank you for the information.
Based on your description, pain is originating from the testicular area and going upwards. Since the testicular area is connected through a cord like structure that travels upwards any infection in that area can cause similar presentation. Thus, this possibility also requires you to have urine test and general examination to pinpoint the exact cause of pain. If your symptom is due to infection, you will need prescription meds to get rid of it. Since you do not have typical presentation, investigation and examination is the most reliable way to find out the cause of your symptoms. In my personal opinion, your pain is related to a problem in your genital system rather than a gastrointestinal system. This can be differentiated with a physical exam and lab test.
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