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my little thing that hangs down in my throat is swollen and

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my little thing that hangs down in my throat is swollen and I don't feel well. I about choked on it. I thought it was phelm
Hello from AJ

This is an excellent question and I am glad you are asking about it.

I am a board certified internist and I can tell you right now that you need a throat culture.

That thing is called the uvula and when it gets swollen it can be viral or bacterial infection and sometimes a strep infection can do this.

Since strep infections can become dangerous then you need a rapid strep test and antibiotics if positive.

Rarely the uvula can interfere with swallowing to the point that it gets dangerous, so the doctor might want to give you anti-histamines or anti-inflammatory along with antibiotics as indicated.

Right now you can gargle with a mild salt water solutions, 1/4 teaspoon in 1 cup water.

If you have a health food store and they have homeopathic tincture of calendula, 5 drops in a quarter cup of water.

I would use nothing harsh on this at this point as it might stimulate more severe reactions.

And I would see urgent care.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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