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Tingling in toes left foot

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The 3 middle toes on my left foot are numb and tingling and it feels like a lump or bunching just under where they join my foot preventing my scrunching up those toes completely the way I can my right toes. Also I get a sharp pain in the ball of my left foot when standing or sitting with my feet flat on the floor for some duration. Walking barefoot at home I feel something stinging that area.

My Podiatrist removed a fibroma from the arch of my left foot last fall. A couple months later he said he had injected collagen into the ball of my foot. I have mentioned the problem(s) above more than once but all he did was alter the orthotic which has made it worse.

Are the problems listed above something I should continue to see a Podiatrist about or should I been seeing my orthopedic surgeon who did my right hip replacement? After my right hip surgery one of the questions the surgeon asked was if my toes were numb. There was no problem on my right foot and still is not. But the problem on my left foot has become obvious since that surgery.

Is there any other medical problems or medications?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hypertension controlled with medication

Polymyalgia Rheumatic - take prednisone (4 mg current)

Elevated cholesterol - take Lipitor which has helped

Overweight and have lost over 10 lbs recently

Told borderline diabetic but my A-1 tests have shown normal recently

This is something that your podiatrist should handle, but seeing that you are not having much luck with your current one, I would get a second opinion. The numbness is probably from nerve compression or irritation. This can be caused by a combination of another fibroma; collagen or even the arch is not supportive.
The reason the orthopedic surgeon asked you about the numbness is to make sure that they did not compress or cut one of the nerves during the replacement This is not related to the current issue you have now

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