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Coachrobmd, Internal Medicine MD
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I have a lump/swelling (size 2cm) on my anus. Itchy and a

Resolved Question:

I have a lump/swelling (size 2cm) on my anus. Itchy and a little pain. Walking fine, but when I sit it is a little uncomfortable. Been like this for the past 2 days, and I am VERY embarresed to go and see my GP re this. Should I me worried. Could it be a gland?Hemeroid? What should I do, and how much time should I give for it to "just go away". May I keep on exercising.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Coachrobmd replied 5 years ago.
This sounds for all the world like a hemorrhoid. This is basically a vein along the wall of the anus canal that has become blocked (thrombosed) by a blood clot. It forms a lump and starts to itch. These are your symptoms exactly.

It can bleed when rubbed, so cleaning yourself after bowel movements is best accomplished with those fresh-smelling baby wipes (also excellent when you have diarrhea, by the way), which is moist and tends not to chafe the area too much. Preparation H or witch hazel can be used to decrease the itching.

This does not necessarily need to be seen by a physician. HOWEVER, this is NOT embarrassing to do so. If I told you some of the stuff I see every day in the office, you'd probably lose your lunch. A hemorrhoid? That is common and basic stuff. Women (which includes you) have pelvic exams without any issues. Showing a lump in the perirectal area should not be a source of embarrassment. Honestly, go see him and let him have a look. But in the interim, treating it as I recommended should get you through.

Here is a nice summary with diagrams of what I'm describing:

If you'll note, there are two types: internal and external. That you can feel it makes it more likely to be external, although it COULD be a prolapsed internal, which requires a bit more aggressive treatment.

Hemorrhoids are VERY common and could develop into chronic issues that require repeated attention. Issues like straining (lifting weights, etc.) tend to worsen this condition. Keeping the area clean is also important. That's where the baby wipes come in.

If you are sexually active and engage in anal intercourse, this should be avoided as this will DEFINITELY worsen it and can cause severe trauma to the rectal vault.

So, if you can put up with a pelvic, you should have no problem with this. And by the way, during a pelvic, the anus is visible, so your doctor has seen this part of the body in every pelvic he or she has ever done. To feel the posterior wall of the vagina involves a gloved finger inserted into the rectum, so that's another point to prove this is not embarrassing to the physician, and should not be to you, either.

Men, by the way, have digital rectal exams yearly, which is much more invasive than simply having a look at a lump. Really, it shouldn't prevent you from seeing the doctor. It's a run of the mill thing to us.

To me, I've seen so many anuses and vaginas, it's like looking in a patient's ear. Your doctor is a healthcare professional and expects to see some unpleasant things. This is just one of them.

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Expert:  Coachrobmd replied 5 years ago.
From that site I mentioned:

10 Natural Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids

1. Diet - Many hemorrhoids can be traced back to diet. Most Americans, for example, do not get enough fiber in their diets because they do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Fiber makes bowel movements smoother, preventing the straining that cause hemorrhoids.

2. Drink - Likewise, an inadequate intake of fluids, particularly water, tends to make stools harder to pass. Stools tend to be drier and denser when you are chronically dehydrated. These dry stools lead to strain and aggravation of the anal tissues during a bowel movement.

3. Reduce Salt Intake - As you work on changing your diet and increasing your fluid intake, consider how much salt you're taking in. Salt leads to fluid retention, which in turn causes your body to swell, including the blood vessels that cause hemorrhoids.

4. Witch hazel - Witch hazel is a shrub native to North America. Used medicinally in the United States and Europe for generations, witch hazel extracts can be gently dabbed to your anus to relieve pain and cure your hemorrhoid. The witch hazel oil causes blood vessels to contract, reducing the swelling and stopping the bleeding.For an even better result with witch hazel, put the bottle of witch hazel into ice first, cooling it down before applying it to the hemorrhoids.

5. Reducing hemorrhoid pain for pregnant women - Both obese people and pregnant women are particularly prone to hemorrhoids because the additional weight puts extra pressure on the blood vessels near the anus. Pregnant women can take that pressure off the lower part of their body by lying down on their left side for about 20 minutes. They should repeat this process every four to six hours.

6. Try not to strain - One of the main causes of hemorrhoids is straining on the toilet. To avoid making your hemorrhoid worse, don't strain when going to the bathroom. If you feel constipated and a need to push, maybe you should increase your fluids or take a fiber supplement to avoid straining.

7. Try not to hold it - When you feel the need to have a bowel movement, go as soon as nature calls. Don't hold it or wait for the urge to go away. Although some people don't like to go when they are faced with a public restroom, a friend's home, an airplane toilet, or an otherwise unfamiliar bathroom, holding it tends to make the stool harder to pass. A dry, hard stool will only inflame the hemorrhoids more.

8. Use moist towelettes - Instead of wiping with dry toilet paper, which can be abrasive, painful, and irritate the hemorrhoid, try moist towelettes instead. These towelettes will take some of the hemorrhoid pain out of the picture. Careful: be sure to get towelettes that don't contain alcohol or any perfumes. Alcohol will make the skin around the hemorrhoid dry, making cracking and bleeding more likely; perfumes or other additives can infect a broken hemorrhoid.

9. Take a bath - A warm bath is a good way to reduce the pain and increase blood flow. If you don't have time for a full bath, sit for a few minutes in just three or four inches of warm water with your knees up. By increasing blood flow to the area, this hemorrhoid treatment will reduce the size of your swollen veins.

10. See a doctor - If your hemorrhoids don't clear up after a week or two, you may have a hemorrhoid that requires professional medical treatment. In rare cases, hemorrhoids actually require surgery. To avoid a more serious health issue, see a physician if your hemorrhoids persist.

Remember, most hemorrhoids can be avoided by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with lots of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, along with plenty of water. If you maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, watch your salt intake, and avoid straining on the toilet, you can prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids naturally.
Expert:  Coachrobmd replied 5 years ago.
If you have any follow-up questions about the issue we discussed 10 days ago, or any NEW items that may have come up as a result of my recommendations, please return to the thread (see link below) and add a new post. I'll get an email notifying me that you want more assistance. I'm always happy to help. It's best to have the first line say "FOR COACHROBMD ONLY" so other experts won't become involved. If I don't hear from you, hopefully everything turned out well.