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HouseDoc, Attending Physician
Category: Medical
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What to expect after septic shock. Recovery time. Brain

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What to expect after septic shock. Recovery time. Brain function.
I understand that you are passing through a tough phase. It is really difficult to gauge the exact time of recovery of full function after you had a life threatening septic shock for which you were put on a ventilator. However, full recovery of all function may take a long time which may be in weeks or months.
The recovery from such an event is gradual.
The main thing is that you should take good care of your diet, sleep and appropriate exercise according to your tolerance level.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is this befuddled mind unusual ? What diet? What excercise? Is there any protocol for recovery
Hi. It seems that the other expert has opted out. I will attempt to answer your questions.

A confusional state is very common after any kind of infection especially in an elderly individual. In addition to the confusional state coming from the infection, it is also likely that he will have a condition called ICU psychosis which will further act to worsen the confusional state. Once he is more coherent and is able to communicate and move is limbs, he will require physical therapy. This type of therapy should be started after he is able to cooperate fully with the therapist. Initially it may not involve anything more than going from the bed to a chair, however the therapist will gradually progress the level of the movement to the point that he will walk independently. All of this therapy may not take place while in the hospital and may require him to go to a rehab facility. Clearly a complete recovery may take from 3-6 months. A significant factor in the time to recovery will be depend on how motivated he is to recover.
HouseDoc, Attending Physician
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 3262
Experience: Licensed by the State of New York
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