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my blood pressure gos from 142 to 124 over 61 to 72 it just

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my blood pressure go's from 142 to 124 over 61 to 72 it just jumps up and down some time it 140 over 65 some time it 130 over 62 I take at about the same time each day. i'm 76 years old and have seen a hart doctor he said that i had a skipping hart beat but was not worryed about it.can you tell me why it jumps up and should i do any about it. i'm thaking 5mg of diazepam and 40 mg of pantoprazole a day. is there any thing i should do to bring up the bottom number? thank you XXXXX
Hi, welcome to justanswer, there is no need to worry about this.

Our bodies are completely dynamic and the conditions in your body changes from time to time , what you are experiencing is a normal phenomena .

If the changes are within a 25-30% range ,there is no need to worry .

In your case, there is a 14%-18 % changes , so these changes are a normal variation.

You do not need to do anything ,this is normal .

It is always recommendable to have a healthy diet ,rich in fruits ,vegetables and whole grains, avoiding fats and refined sugars. If your doctor approves ,perform some type of light moderate physical activity like walking 2-3 times a week.

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