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Hi. I am a 43 yr old woman. I am tired all the time. I have

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Hi. I am a 43 yr old woman. I am tired all the time. I have quite a lot of hair loss. I get headaches regularly. I am also over weight. I have been tested for thyroid problems over the years and the doc said that the hormones are low but still just within limits. Last test was a couple yrs ago. I have also had pcos most of my life. Would you recomend iodine treatment for my thyroid? What is the difference between hypo and hyperthyroidism?
Dear customer,

what are your hormone levels of thyroid?
how long are the symptoms?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
my hormone levels have always been low. I am not sure of the actual figures. I have had this fatigue problem for the past 5 yrs at its worst. I have had polycystic overies since my early 20's. They seem to be ok now since having my girl
dear customer,

The thyroid profile consist of three hormone levels, t3, t4 and tsh.The hypothyroidism is decreased levels of thyroid hormone in blood which in turn causes increased TSH levels.

The hypothyroidism causes the symptoms of hair loss, fatigue, sleepiness, depression, weight gain, cold intolerance etc.

here is the link for more information

symptoms of hypothyroidism

The hyperthyroidism is increased thyroid hormone secretion by thyroid glands and causes weight loss, tachycardia, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue and muscle weakness, etc.

The fatigue may be the symptoms of hypo/hyperthyroidism so you should get the thyroid profile checked like free t3, free t4 and serum TSH levels to know the underlying abnormality after consulting your doctor/endocrinologist.

If it is hypothyroidism then low dose thyroxine therapy will be helpful for you.

Here is the link for more information on hyperthyroidism

symptoms of hyperthyroidism

Let me know if you need any more information

thank you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My symptoms are definately pointing to Hypothyroidism. Would you recomend Iodine/Iodide treatment for that? or is there another alternative? Someone told me Iodine was for overactive thyroid not underactive. Can you advise me as to which treatment it is for, please? Thankyou
dear customer,

The hypothyroidism causes due to iodine deficiency requires iodine supplementation.The other causes of hypothyroidism requires the supplementation with the levothyroxine hormone which is available in the market in tablet form.

You should firts get your thyroid profile done and only after confirmation of hypothyoidism start the thyroxine therapy after consulting your doctor.

Here is the link for more information

treatment of hypothyroidism

Let me know if you have any doubt.

thank you
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