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Can Hep C be transmitted via urine and if splashed on clothing

how long could the clothing... Show More
how long could the clothing be infected. My son is on placement at a Drug and Rehabilitation Centre and has not been given much guidance or insight into HIV, Hep B or C and how to avoid being transmitted with the virus in being exposed to this on a daily basis. He has had the vaccine for Hep B and wears gloves whilst performing urine tests and bag searches at the Centre but is very anxious about this work, but it is part of his Social Work Degree criteria and does not like to bring up his concerns all the time. Therefore how long can Hep C live on clothing via urine or blood and also HIV. Many thanks from a concerned mum.
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Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
Hep C and HIV do not live on clothing, and also is not really transmitted through urine. So he really does not need to be concerned about this. But, direct blood to blood contact such as getting stuck from a needle - this is what is concerning and trying to take as much precaution as possible is what he needs too do.
Now urine can transmit some infections but necessarily the really concerning infections such as Hep C and HIV.
Also, the cloting can contain pubic lice - so that would be concerning too.
I hope this helps alleviate some concerns.
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
Hi there again - Many thanks for such a quick answer. Now just for the record what do you mean by educational purposes only?

Also I didn't really understand the paragraph 'Now urine can transmit some infections but necessarily the really concerning infections such as Hep C and HIV.' Did you mean to say Not Necessarily as the statement doesn't make sense to me (sorry if I'm being a bit thick here).

So can I safely tell my son that if urine splashes on his clothing whilst he is testing there urine samples of traces of drugs etc, he need not worry? I assume if it splashed into his eyes or mouth that would raise concern but he is so careful I'm sure this wouldn't happen but it's safe to know these things.

Many thanks again
Educational - we are here to educate you - there is no doctor-patient relationship formed -
Urine for example can transmit STD's such as trichomonas and chlamydia -that is what I meant - and these are not really concerning because they are not life threatening and easily treated.
But, I would not urine splashed on me either, and I would treat it as any 'chemical' contamination and wash out promptly, but he should not get any 'concerning' diseases from urine.
I hope that he does not get urine spilled on him.
By the way - I'm an ob/gyn - I get blood and fluid and urine all over me sometimes - and when I do, I promptly wash.
I hope this helps, Please click on ACCEPT, thank you
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
Many thanks for putting my mind at rest and I will relay all this to my son.

My son has chronic OCD and I am constantly having to reassure him as with my other medical questions submitted today. He is under a counsellor for this condition but an hour a week is taking a long time for his recovery - so as I am so worried about his state of mind I have been using this website to put both our minds at rest.

Therefore please can these following questions that have worried him today whilst being exposed to clients with possible HIV, HEP B& C at the Centre be answered, and as ridiculous as they sound, they are crucial for him to know the facts so that he can stop his stress levels rising:

1. If there was blood on money passed to him and the blood passed on to his hand and then he rubbed the hand on his jumper and then rubbed the jumper on to his mouth, would any virus such as HIV be passed on to him?

2. The same scenario as above but he put his hand to his mouth with the blood on and because he had rubbed his mouth beforehand there was a slight cut there, could the HIV virus be passed on to him.

3. Person with possible HIV speaking to him and spit went onto his jumper and then my son rubbed his jumper onto his mouth with the slight cut on it, could the HIV be passed on to him?

4. Person with possible HIV speaking to him and spit went onto my son's mouth with the slight cut on it, could the HIV be passed on to him?

5. if my son had cracked hands and the urine entered an open crack would this pass on HIV or Hep C?

6. if blood from an infected person or HIV or Hep C splashed on his clothing would that carry the infection for a period of time. Thanks a million
1. Blood on money - not a concern - as the viruses essentially die without being in the blood of a live person.

2. Unlikely the HIV would pass to him with this scenario.

3. Spit on him should not give him HIV

4. Same answer as 3

5. No, urine will not affect him with this scenario

6. The Hep C and HIV virus die fairly quick out side blood.
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
Many thanks Dr Owen for your answers to all my questions. One last question to finish this trail of concerns:
Are you able to define fairly quick as stated in answer 6 - would this be seconds, minutes or hours?


yes, most likely once the blood driees - the virus is dead.