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My mom has calcium deposits on her pancreas. How dangerous

is this and what does... Show More
is this and what does she need to do about it?
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What investigation was performed and for what was it performed that lead to this finding?
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
She was having pain in that area and she thought she cracked a rib. That is how bad the pain was. She went to her doctor and had several tests ran. They told her she had these deposits and that was it.
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
Is there another doctor working on this question?
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
I have not received an answer to my question. Please, can you give me an answer?
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
I have not received an answer to my original question regarding calcium deposits on the pancreas, is it serious, what would one do for this condition?
Customer reply replied 6 years ago.
My Mom had a MRI with dye injected into her veins. They were checking her heart and gallbladder and saw the calcium deposits on her pancreas. She was having a lot of pain in that area and that is the reason she went to see the doctor to begin with.

I can understand your anxiety.

Calcium deposit at pancreas suggests old healed infection {chronic pancreatitis}. Other causes like vascular calcification/ calcification in some lesion within the pancreas {neoplasm}/ calcification at the cyst.

Pain worries me a bit. It may suggest associated acute inflammation or obstruction due to some calcified mass. This needs to be further evaluated for sure. I would get CT scan, blood tests to see for the cause of calcification. Treatment will follow.

Please do not worry, she will be fine soon. God bless

Yes cancer is a possibility for sure. The cause is not known. Various risk factors like alcohol, obesity, diabetes, helicobacter infection, family history, advanced age have linked to it. Pain is worrisome.

CT scan will give us the answers.

Good luck