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Dr  Jones
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My left arm feels swollen from the arm down. Turned a reddish

Resolved Question:

My left arm feels swollen from the arm down. Turned a reddish purple color. Fingers swollen. Been 90 min and not better. Not currently on any medication.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Jones replied 6 years ago.

Dr Jones :

Any injury to the arm?

Dr Jones :

Do you have fever?

Dr Jones :

Do you suffer from any medical condition?

Customer: No injury and don't appear to have fever
Dr Jones :

Any prominent or inflamed blood vessel seen?

Customer: Interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, ibs, and maybe chronic fatigue syndrome
Dr Jones :

How did this start?

Customer: I don't see anything sticking up
Customer: Nothing appeared to trigger it. I was shopping felt a little woozy and then all of a sudden my arm started hurting and turning colors
Customer: It is very noticeable in comparison
Dr Jones :

Does arm show bluish discoloration?

Dr Jones :

Is pain associated with the swelling?

Customer: I can actually see two veins that aren't usually there
Customer: The color overall was more purple
Customer: Yes I believe it is associated with swelling. I had to take off my ring and watch
Dr Jones :

From the details provide I think possibility of blood vessels thrombosis needs to be ruled our in your case.A clinical evaluation and color Doppler study needs to be undertaken.

Customer: It appears to be only from the elbow down
Dr Jones :

Other less likely possibility is of Cellulitis but it would be associated with fever.

Customer: Ok is that something that needs urgent attention or can I wait until I can get to the dr
Dr Jones :

Yes, please see doctor sooner.

Customer: I get fevers a lot from my other conditioned so it's hard to tell
Customer: Ok do I need to do er
Dr Jones :

Ok then even possibility of cellulitis might need equal consideration.The doctor can make out the difference after clinical evaluation.

Customer: I would prefer to go to my primary this week
Customer: Ok
Dr Jones :

Please ask if there are doubts.

Dr Jones :

If satisfied please ACCEPT my answers.Thank you.Take care.

Customer: Ok thank you. Anything to cure swelling etc in short term
Dr Jones :

First diagnosis has to be confirmed.You can take oral analgesics for pain and to reduce inflammation.

Customer: Will I get a transcript of this chat. I didn't have a pen and can't see your first suggestion of what to rule out
Dr Jones :

This chat will be emailed to you and would be saved in your mail box by default.

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