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Vakul Aren
Vakul Aren, Doctor
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Im having pain in my right lower abdomen when I lay down.

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I'm having pain in my right lower abdomen when I lay down. If I lay on my right side, the pain is too bad where I have to move. If I lay on my left side, the right side still hurts but not as bad. I'm fine when I lay on my back. It doesn't hurt while I'm up walking around unless I had a bad night. This has been going on for about a week now and the only sleep I get is when I sit in a chair.
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Vakul Aren :

Dear XXXXXdi04,Hello.Since when are you having this pain ?Is it accompanied by any vomiting,urinary problems ,abdominal distension ?Any diaorrhea/constipation?Any radiation of pain to any other place ?Are you on medication for any other disease?

Have you seen your doctor and has he examined you?Appendicitis may be a problem with right lower abdomen.Other possibilities would include a Uretric colic/stone,Epididymo-orchitis,Crohns disease/ulcerative colitis,hernia,Diverticulitis,Meckels diverticulum,kidney infections,radiculitis from spinal nerve compression,Mesentric Adenitis and lymphoma /Colonic malignancies.The common possilities which need to be ruled out would include appendicitis,renal and uretric stone/infections,hernia and diverticulitis.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have not seen my doctor as of yet but intend too. I was attempting to see if it may considered severe enough to go elsewhere before I was able to get an appointment.
You need to see your doctor at the earliest to rule out appendicitis which should be operated at the earliest to prevent complications like generalised appendicits arising.Other diseases can also be looked for by your doctor after examining you and ordering tests as required.
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