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I have very painful split skin in my intergluteal cleft. How

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I have very painful split skin in my intergluteal cleft. How can I treat it?

Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

Q. The intergluteal cleft is a large area, please specify where exactly the skin splitting is?

Q. Is it near the anal sphincter?


Q. Does it bleed?


Q. Does it hurt when you pass stool?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for your response.


The split is about an inch or two above the anus and there is no bleeding from it however I have occasional retal bleeds from what I was told is a small hemroid.


It doesn't hurt to pass stool but when I sit on the toilet the cleft is pulled apart causing severe pain. It also hurts to ride a bike and of course getting soap in the split cause intense burning pain until it is rinsed out.


Thank you for the details.


The skin split due to over stretching of the gluteal cleft. Such happens because the area under consideration is usually damp and moist due to sweat and use of rough toilet paper sometimes causes the skin to split.


I was merely ruling out an Acute Anal Fissure by the Q and A, which is a tear in the anus and is very painful during passage of stool and accompanied by fresh red blood. But we have ruled that out since you don't have symptoms going towards it.


I would suggest that you continue using the Bacitracin ointment to avoid any super imposed secondary bacterial infections on the split skin as it is now exposed to pathogens of all kinds.


Other than that you should avoid sitting on the coimmode with your cleft being over stretched, try sitting side ways on it, till this heals.

Do not use toilet paper when done, instead use water and do not rub the area roughly.

Dry the area with a soft towel, dabbing it dry and not rubbing it.

Apply the bacitracin ointment there after.

Sleep side ways and protect the area from moisture and keep it dry at all times.

The skin has a great power of healing and given the proper dry atmosphere it needs, it will heal within 2 - 3 days.

Avoid riding the bike for a couple of days till this has healed fully and sit on a soft cushion when you have to sit for long periods. The use of a Doughnut shaped cushion is often recommended so that there is less pressure on the lesion.

Use anti inflammatory medicine like Tylenol 2 tablets every 6 hours or Naproxen 550 mg thrice daily. These are available over the counter and will help with the pain and the inflammation. If the area gets swollen, red and very tender, this would mean that the lesion has been infected and a visit to the Doctor for antibiotics and a comprehensive examination is warranted then.


--Hope this helps--


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