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I have had a low white blood cell count for the past year, fluctuating from 3.9 to 2.9, up

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I have had a low white blood cell count for the past year, fluctuating from 3.9 to 2.9, up to 4.1 and now back down to 3.6.
I have seen a hemotologist and he said he looked at my blood and saw no abnormal cells.
Along with the blood "condition" I have an achy neck, which constantly feels swollen and burning stomach. I just had a neck ultrasound and the lymph nodes appear normal. I am scheduled for an endoscopy in the next few weeks.
I am frightened by the constantly fluctuating WBC. It was up to 4.0 about 3 weeks ago (after recently being 2.9) but is now down to 3.6 again.
Any ideas?
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Dr.tiwari :


Dr.tiwari :

Will you please answer some questions-

1.Do you have fever/burning urination or any abdominal problem?

2.What were the values for differential count?

Dr.tiwari :

3.Are there other symptoms?

Dr.tiwari :

Please reply.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have no burning urination issue....just stomach discomfort (sometimes burning, sometimes just an achy discomfort in the upper stomach area).
I did not get the actual differentials from the hemotologist (wish I had) - but he said he didn't see anything in the bloodwork for alarm at this point (again, the WBC were up to 4 but had been 2.9). Now they're back down to 3.6. He had taken additional tests to check for B12 deficiencies, iron - all fine.
I just don't understand why my bloods would keep dropping and iimproving, and dropping and improving.
Thanks for information.

The presence of pain in upper part of the stomach may be associated with gastritis.Association of gastritis with alternation in WBC count may only be associated with auto immune gastritis ,where there is presence of auto immune antibodies against the parietal cells of the stomach.This needs a further evaluation from your doctor by intrinsic factor,differential count,measurement of parietal cell antibodies.You should surely concern for it & have further investigation to alleviate your worries.

Hope this will help you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I actually think the stomach issues are separate from the WBC low counts. I was just wondering what the causes of the low WBC counts could be if the tests I had taken were normal.
Generally the normal total white blood cell count does vary between 3,000-10,000/ in your case it is remaining near the lower value or below it,so that i am asking you to evaluate for this.It may have relation with the gastritis issue ,there are other blood disorder associated with this like anemia,deficiency of vitamin B12.AS YOUR VALUES ARE CONTINUOUSLY ON LOWER SIDE so that i am insisting on the evaluation.It will help in preventing any complication in future & give you a mental peace.
There should be a reason for low WBC count like -

-Viral infection





Which you are not having.

Hope this will help you.
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