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Ive got a hard lump/growth on the palm of my left hand, its

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I've got a hard lump/growth inside the palm of my left hand, its in between my middle finger and the ring finger, it's been there for about 8months...just lately I have noticed recurring numbness & weakness in my little finger which runs down the side of my hand and also affects the ring finger.

My left elbow has been sore on and off, lately it has been stiff to move and I can make a clicking noise if i turn my arm...Im just hoping whatever it is it isn't something to do with my brain..or diabetes    I write with my left hand and about a week ago I had to write 8 pages of lists for 200 books of sheet music..I had to write the song name the writer and the date. my hand was a bit tired after that




is the numbness at one side of the ring finger and both sides of the little finger?

try clenching your fist and opening your fingers one by one .are you able to do it for your ring and little finger?

where exactly is the lump in the hand,on the side of the palm or on the skin side?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I clenched my fist and I could open the ring finger but the little finger was harder to open.

it hard to explain exactly but if I wiggle my middle finger the lump seems to be attached to the cartilage or whatever it is...closer to the top of the inside of my hand than to the wrist

sorry,had problems with the net.

all right,now tell me,is the lump fixed to the skin?can you pinch the skin over the lump?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I can pinch the skin over the lump

its probably a ganglion then.

this is a benign condition,but because you seem to have pressure effects,please consult a surgeon and get it removed,its a minor surgical procedure.

Customer: replied 6 years ago. could this be causing the numbness and weakness of the 2 last fingers? If I press my thumb and ring finger together there is no strength at all same with the little finger

yes,the lesion is causing pressure on the ulnar nerve .You have typical symptoms of ulnar nerve palsy.

please do get it removed before the nerve gets damaged.

good luck

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