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What can cause a sunken back?

Customer Question

My spine has become noticeably sunken in from the shoulder blades to the lower part of my back. Is this normal? I am 49 and 141 pounds.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr.tiwari replied 7 years ago.
Will you please answer some questions-
1.Is there any lung problems like chronic cough,asthma,etc.?
2.Do you have back pain?
3.Are you doing continuous sitting job?
4.Any history of injury?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No. I don't have a chronic cough or asthma. I do have some pain on the left side about half way down. I do not have a sitting job. I baby sit my 2 grandchildren ages 19 months and 5. I do carry the 19 month old quite a bit.

Expert:  Dr.tiwari replied 7 years ago.

By looking at details it looks that you may be suffering from the kyphosis of thoracic spine. Looking at your age & symptoms you have described I feel that it may be the early feature of developing osteoporosis.You should do following to have relief in this -

1.Start doing weight bearing exercises like brisk walking.

2.Take the supplements of calcium (in the form of pills (1000mg /day or with natural products like milk,cheese,dairy products,etc.)

3.Have a sufficient exposure to sun light. The morning light which does help in synthesis of vitamin D will be better.

4.Start doing some back strengthening exercises which may be learned by an expert physiotherapist.

5.Get the BMD test done. This test detect the early osteoporosis.

Hope this will help you.