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My eye got red and hurts to touch it on the top outer eyelid,

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My eye got red and hurts to touch it on the top outer eyelid, and did it first a few days ago and is back



Is the vision affected?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Three days ago, what promptedme noticing a difference is light seems to be cloudyier, like there is more glare in that eye, the pain is on top and went away for a day. I also have been getting weird allergy aymptoms itchy throat and groggy feelings in the early mornings, before I wake up. The eye vision is ok, not too much different but it looks red from the tear duct and hurts in the top back part.

There are a few possibilities. The first one is a is a stye. Inflammation is common in the involved area on the lid in this condition. Warm compresses will help. An anti-biotic drop like Vigamox should be used. An oral anti-biotic course may also need to be done. The other possibility is blepharitis. Warm compresses should again be done. An anti-biotic ointment like Tetracaine should be applied at bedtime. Lid hygiene is very important and lids should be daily scrubbed with diluted baby shampoo. A lubricating drop should also be used. Third possibility is allergy and you may require an anti-allergic drop like Pataday 2 times a day. Glare may be due to dryness which can be present both in blepharitis and allergy. You need to see an ophthalmologist for confirmation of the diagnosis. Thanks and best wishes.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Oh Doctor, thank you so much, as I have had so many wierd ailments recently, but I am a firm believer in healing, and your input has helped me greatly, I have a dropper full of Polymyxin B Sulfate and TrimothropimOpthalmic Solution, USP from a few months back when they thought my daughter had a stye, i also have Stye Eye Relief and was just wondering if I could take them, or how, because I don't like to take things I shouldn't, u know? And I will pay you.

As I said warm compresses should be done about 3 times a day.. You can use both the medications. It should help you but if it does not in a day or two then you should see an ophthalmologist. Thanks and best wishes.



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