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Throbbing/pulsation on left side of neck

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Female, 35 years old, 5'0, 170 pounds, overweight yet moderately active. Waist measurement 34 inches. Family history of obesity, liver cancer in females over age 70, and in stroke (mother, uncle, aunt, grandmother -- all maternal side). Paternal side of family has no noted health issues - with all members living well into their 90's & early 100's. My issue is that I have had a very unusual pulsating/throbbing sensation, accompanied with slight pain, on the left side of my neck for nearly two months. When I try to palpate the area, it appears as though it's an artery. Is this something I should have great concern over?

Welcome to just answer,

Common cause of pulsation swelling in neck are enlarged vessels, vascular mass or mass or lesion adjacent to vessel.

You need to get yourself examined by your doctor to look for exact cause.

Ultrasound of neck is also required.

If something of this nature is present n neck then you need to be concerned.

Get immediate medical attention.

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