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I have had sinus congestion for 2 months. There was infection,

Customer Question

I have had sinus congestion for 2 months. There was infection, but Zithromax took care of that,but didn't help the congestion. It had just begun to clear a little, when I reinfected myself with an insufficiently sanitized nasal lavage bottle. I simply cannot go through this for another 2 months, the fatigue factor is crushing. What can I do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Dennis replied 7 years ago.
Ok first of all , how was the sinus condition diagnoses. Did you have xrays.
Do you have allergies? What medications do you take. Do you have any other medical conditions. Are you seeing an ENT or a regular doc.


dr dennis
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I do smoke and have for years. Sinus condition was diagnosed by my description of what was going on inside my head. Nose blows, but congestion remains. Green stuff comes out w/ nasal lavage. Then sinuses seem cleared out, but remain swollen and inflamed feeling. MD said: Extremely inflamed inside, Had sinus surgery 6 years ago, correcting deviated septum and honeycomb-like sinuses. This is first problem since then. I am seeing regular Doc, I live in small town-no ENT available here.

Re: My meds, the list is long due to a past illness, but I cannot take Chantix, and Wellbutrin does me no good. I'll be going on patches with a program later this Spring.

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Expert:  Dr. Dennis replied 7 years ago.
You can take welbutrin w a patch, and you can use patches w gum. You can write me than for more guidance.

See, the real thing you need is a cat scan to really identify what is really going on.

Listen I dont know if we have any ENT on this site but out of courtesy I will opt out and try to get you an ent. You do need to ask the person responding if they are an ENT... you can look on their profile. If there is not one.. i will be happy to continue our discussion. OK?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dr. Dennis,

Thank you so much for taking such an interest in my case. Why would I need to go to the extent of an CAT for a sinus infection? wouldn't my insurance think this is a bit extreme?

Thanks for the info re: Wellbutrin and patches & gum.

You are very thorough, and I appreciate that. I am so tired of feeling badly. Again, thank you.
Expert:  Dr. Dennis replied 7 years ago.
No problem....the reason for the cat scan is to document what exactly is going on. Then you know what you need to do or not. I am assuming you didnt have a ct or mri, correct?
In my year"s I have found many (not necessarily yours however) "sinus infections were not.

Oh one other thing... when you are ready to stop tobacco... you should definitely have counseling in a group on cessation. The reason is.. the cessation rates double when this occurs. You can get this by googling for example tobacco and your state. or try this.
1–800–QUIT–NOW (1–800–784–8669) dont worry about if it says florida follow the prompts.

dr dennis