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I have pain in my lower neck while taking a deep breath, the

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I have pain in my lower neck while taking a deep breath, the pain sometimes occilates with pulse, also when any activity or strain, also initialy when i ly down or change positions.
Since how many days you have pain?
Do you work on computer for long hours?
Is the pain radiating to arm ?
Any numbness in shoulder or arm?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It has bothered me off and on for a few months...hear within the last 4 or 5days it has affected me steadily. No I dont work at a computer as a job.. I do study and read sometimes on computer. I am a Pastor. It dosnt radiate down my arms, but i do have symtoms of slight ear aches in both ears.
Well, your symptoms are due to -Cervical Radiculopathy.It makes excess pressure on nerve roots in the neck and there by causing pain.The causes of this radiculopathy are-
Herniated cervical disk, Spinal stenosis,Degenerative disk disease . Most likely in your case pain is due to herniated cervical disk .
You need X-ray of cervical spine, If required CT or MRI can be considered. Along with painkiller and anti inflammatory , your doctor can recommend Physical therapy.My advice is that see your Physician, for tests and management.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This pain is in the front of my neck just below and on both sides of my adams apple. I have had some upper back problems for years, when i straiten my back i feel it popping and cracking. Just asking, would this also affect my ears. I was wondering if my thyroid had got infected some how. Thank you for your help...!
It seems to be muscular pain. You need physical therapy along with prescription painkiller and Anti- inflammatory medications. It is not related with Thyroid disorder. Yes nerve compression, may cause pain in ears. The symptoms , can be treated with medications and Physical therapy. I suggest you, to see your doctor for management. Take care