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I have uncontrollable hunger. My gastroenterologist has done

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I have uncontrollable hunger. My gastroenterologist has done all of the tests and found acid reflux and slow digestion. I have been treated, and nothing has stopped the hunger. The issue is that I will eat until I am full, but ten minutes later the hunger returns. I have tried ignoring the hunger, but it just gets worse and sometimes hurts. I have tried feeding it, but the feeling comes back minutes later. I have tested to see if it's boredom hunger, but I even have issues when I am actively involved in an activity. I am starting to think that my brain is misinterpreting signals being sent from my stomach. There is no way I am actually hungry- I eat plenty and it is well-balanced and healthy. Please help me discover where this problem is coming from. No one can seem to answer it.
Im sorry to hear about your symptoms and ill try to help you but first i would like to ask a few questions,

Do you have increased thirst, increased frequency of passing urine?
Do you have any sweating,tremors, weight loss?
Any diarrhea? does the stool float in water and difficult to flush?
Any mood changes, behavious changes?
Any headaches, visual disturbances, vomiting?
Have you had any blood work done? if so what was the result?
Any other medical condition? any medications?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do you have increased thirst, increased frequency of passing urine? I actually am thirsty all the time and drink a lot of water, which in turns makes my hungrier. It doesn't seem to be the only cause to my hunger, but makes the pang stronger. I also pass urine very frequently, about every hour or less.
Do you have any sweating,tremors, weight loss? No, more weight gain because I am eating so much. Also a lot of bloating.
Any diarrhea? does the stool float in water and difficult to flush? No diarrhea and the stool does not float and tends to flush easily.
Any mood changes, behavious changes? Not that I have noticed.
Any headaches, visual disturbances, vomiting? I have headaches a couple of times per week. I have not found the trigger to these headaches, but once I have them I am more sensitive to sounds, lights, and physical activity. These headaches range from clamping down in the middle of my head on each side or up front surrounding my eyes.
Have you had any blood work done? if so what was the result? I had bloodwork done a couple of years ago telling me that everything was negative, but those were for other reasons. I am not sure how long this hunger has been going on, so that bloodwork may be dated.
Any other medical condition? any medications? I take Yaz, Nexium, and for the past month have been using Alli (but the issues existed before Alli). My doctor just found a slight hiatal hernia in an endoscopy performed a week or two ago. Apparently, though, I have been doing all I can to treat that already. A few years ago I had bad stomach aches for three weeks after eating anything and the doctors never diagnosed the issue (besides IBS, which doesn't tell me anything). I did not eat for three weeks without being in severe pain. This pain radiated to my lower back. I have not had a serious issue along those lines since then. I have slight scoliosis, a tendency to bruise easily, and issues with post-nasal drip that have not been diagnosed (still working on that problem).
Thanks for the detailed info, ill give you a few possibilites based on that info,

You can be suffering from diabetes mellitus, it could be either type 1 or a type called MODY, The symptoms of increased hunger thirst and increased urination can all be explained with diabetes. A simple fasting blood sugar test will diagnose this disease.

2) Thyroid dysfunction
Increased hunger can also be due to thyroid disorders, although in thyroid the increased hunger is accompanied by weight loss however it is not always there. Another test to go for would be a compelete thyroid profile.

3)Metabolic problems
Other metabolic problems which can fit in your situation can be glycogen storage disorders which can cause these symptoms alongwith increase in liver size. they can be checked for with an examination and specific blood tests. Sometimes recurrent hypoglycemia that is fall in sugar levels leads to the body calling for increased hunger, this can be due to increased insulin levels in the body

4) Other causes
Other causes for excessive hunger can be due to certain genetic syndromes such as kluver bucy syndrome in which there is also increased sexual drive alongwith inability to get angry in normal situtations

5) Psychiatric
Lats but not least, psychiatric issues such as depression etc can cause this as well alongwith certain drugs such as cannabis and amphetamines but this is only after organic pathologies are ruled out

In addition sometimes in patients with severe recurrent headaches a cause for increased hunger would be a brain abnormality. Not exactly inability to intepret signals but a abnormal growth causing this phenomenon.

Im reasonably sure that you would have either diabetes or a metabolic problem including thyroid for these symptoms of yours. your best bet is to visit an internist and discuss these possibilities with him and get these tests done. I hope i have been helpful and let me know in case of anymore questions
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