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Ive had non-stop muscle spasms in my left thigh for 2 years

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I've had non-stop muscle spasms in my left thigh for 2 years or more. I've had 2 surgeries to repair my lower discs in the past 5 years and I have osteoarthritis in my left knee (which need repair). Are the spasms related to my spine repair or my knwee?
Are these muscle spasms in the front of the thigh?
Back of the thigh?

And which levels in your back were operated on? L5-S1? L4-5? Something else?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Spasms are mostly on the front (top) and outside of my ghigh.
S1-L5, L4: 5 years ago
L3 and L2: 1 year ago

Have you had a recent MRI?

Or had a recent EMG test?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Last MRI was before back surgery a year ago.
Had an MRI last November of my knee (osteoarthritis); surgery is recommended.

I'm not sure what an EMG is.

This twitching /spasms/pain of your muscle in the thigh -- is relatively specific -- the front and outside of the thigh.

It makes me think that a specific nerve is being irritated, perhaps the L3 or the L4 nerve (which would go to the thigh muscle, on the front and outside of the thigh). So irritation of this nerve can cause the muscle twitching you have.

A L2-3 herniated disc, or a L3-4 herniated disc are the possibilities which could be causing this.

EMG is a test, where a neurologist uses small needles to measure the electrical current from the nerves into the muscles of the leg -- and with this test they can find which nerve appears to be the culprit.

So the problem appears as if it would be the lower back.

Knee problems could cause pain in the knee (and hip) -- but not likely the cause of twitching / spasms in the muscle, which is more nerve irritation related.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there any "home remedy" I can do to help these spasms in the meantime? They are driving me crazy, and when I cross my left leg over my right I get a severe spasm very high on the inside of my thigh near my groin. Can't cross that leg.

Well, it's tough to say, especially because I'm only making a "best guess" at the cause of the spasms.

If your doctor would be willing to prescribe medications for muscle relaxation -- muscle relaxants such as flexeril, soma, and others -- it may help.

Of course you can try antiinflammatories - like advil -- which may help to reduce inflammation of an irritated nerve. Heat compresses and gentle stretching exercise may or may not help.

Unfortunately its tough to give a home remedy when one doesn't truly know the cause.
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