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I am being denied medical treatment by my doctor. Two years

Resolved Question:

I am being denied medical treatment by my doctor. Two years ago my lip started swelling. The swelling gradually spread into my face and down into my neck and beyond. For a year and a half I could not get anyone to biopsy my face to see what was happening because they don't biopsy just swelling. I finally found a dermatologist who performed a biopsy of my face. The pathological process was found to be perivascular inflitrate of lymphocytes. My doctor prescribed my a topical sulfur solution. It did not work. She acknowledges that my face is filling up with t-lymphocytes but has refused to offer me any treatment for this chronic condition. I need adivce. I'm swollen and miserable.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 7 years ago.



The first thing is to question her as to her decision on course of treatment. It may be that there is nothing more to be done for the condition. Ask her why she isn't trying any other therapy.


If she cannot or doesn't not answer your questions, I would advice you to seek a second opinion. I don't know if you are close to Boulder, but there are many good dermatologist at the University of Colorado to consult.

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