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i have in my left arm shooting pains from my elbow down my

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i have in my left arm shooting pains from my elbow down my arm pins an needles in two fingers numb an swollen hand hot burning feeling starts from early sept til may the pain is like when you come in from the cold and start to warm up comes on a few hours into my sleep the pain wakes me up i have to get out of bed so it can go then back to sleep another hour or two the same thing again, during the day the pain is not there but slight pins an needles had nerve test done it was clear another sugestion was carpel tunnel symdrome but i think if i had that it would not go away an come back at certain times of the yr any idea i have this now for about 8 yrs

Have you had a recent MRI of the cervical spine?


Which fingers specifically are numb -- is it the thumb and index finger? Or the pinky and ring finger?


Do you have neck pain?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no scans done yes i have neck pain some times pins needles numb an burning in ring finger but mainly my index an big finger at times woken up from my sleep feels like a tingle in my shoulder back pad area the pain running down the center of my arm from my elbow to wrist is like a pulse but the pain is like getting hit with a hammer every sec or so til i get up an walk around for about two three min



It sounds as if you have a "pinched" nerve in your neck, causing "cervical radiculopathy".


The pinching of the nerve can cause neck pain that radiates down the arm into the hand.


If it involves those two fingers, I suspect the C7 nerve is the issue, and that this could be caused by a C6-7 disc herniation.


But to get this evaluated, you need to have your doctor get a MRI of the cervical spine.


Please ask any other questions you may have.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
if its a pinched nerve how come i only get it at the start of sept through to may an only when i go to bed not during the day and if its a pinched nerve should nt i be troubled by it all year round.

Well, because if you are having pain only intermittently -- it may be only pinched or compressed slightly -- and a movement that irritates the nerve, can cause it to become inflammed -- and cause the pain to occur for several weeks to months.


And people with nerve compression problems often have it worse at night, because during sleep -- your body does toss and turn into weird positions and could be putting more pressure on it. (Classically, the nerve compression in carpal tunnel - a related condition - wakes people up at night).


So, because you have been having this for 8 years, it may make sense to have this evaluted.


MRI of the cervical spine can be done.

EMG/nerve conduction testing can be done.

Neurology referral can help with a thorough neurologic examination.


Of course, if it isn't bothering you too much, then you can watch and wait.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
im heading up to my g p on tue and will put this to him i will let you know his reply a s a p as the pain is getting the better of me and the loss of sleep thanks til then

Very good.


Best of luck.


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And this will be available for followup questions should you have them after your appointment.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi dr mark went to my g p today long waiting list for m r i scan 4 yrs an 600 euro but if i was to have surgery i would be sent for m r i scan before hand he checked my elbow which when pressed its tender then he asked me have i any neck pain i said yes so he put my neck to the ieft it would nt go down much same with the right then bent it down forward not too much pain there then tilt it backwards painful so he said he reckons its a trapped nerve wear an tear an some other issues going on with my neck so he gave me these tablets 25 mg one at night amitriptyline its to relax the muscles at night will see how it goes on them an again thank you for your help maybe i will get some relief now

All right, it seems you are headed the right direction. (hopefully the waiting list for a MRI is not really 4 years!, if you need it).


If you feel the answer helped, hitting the "ACCEPT" button ensures I get credit for the answer.

Best of luck.

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