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My right foot has been puffy and swollen for several days,

Resolved Question:

My right foot has been puffy and swollen for several days, not an injury, but like fluid retention. It is only my right foot, and the swelling is severe but not painful. What could be causing this?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. B. replied 7 years ago.
what is your age and gender?
from how many days do you have this swelling?
any history of any tick bite?
any rash?
any fever?
any history of unprotected sex?
are you diagnosed with any medical condition?
are you on any medications?
any history of travel outside USA?
what kind of work do you do?
any other symptoms associated?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

female, 45 years old

3 to 4









sit at desk/computer for 8 hrs. type of work


This swelling started happening a couple of months ago, along with some other symptoms that indicated i was not taking good care of myself. I've quit drinking, smoking, eating healthy/vegan, began exercising, reduced my sodium, name it, i've done it. The swelling completely disappeared and only reappeared 3 to 4 days ago. Nothing has changed in terms of my healthy choices. The first day I noticed it was a VERY stressful, upsetting day, thought it might have been high blood pressure or something......but just that day, no stress since, and the swelling has not subsided. The swelling begins at my ankle, and it is foot looks deformed. You can't even see my ankle bones. But no pain, fever, swelling anywhere else.....

Expert:  Dr. B. replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for answering my questions.

Now looking at your age,no history of past medical condition,no medications,symptoms,there is a possibility that you might be having venous insufficiency which is a condition where the valves in the leg veins are unable to pump blood to the heart which causes blood to pool below the defective valves.Now the reason for me mentioning venous insufficiency is because it presents with similar symptoms ,the swelling is present in one leg and it is common at your age.Though pain is also associated with this condition ,but some people do not present with pain in early stages.

Now there could be a possibility that this symptoms could be from deep vein thrombosis as you have sedentary life style (sit at desk/computer job) and it also presents with unilateral swelling of leg but it also presents with acute pain,still it could be a possibility which is ruled out by sonogram of lower leg.

Now there is also a possibility that this could be from gout,though it mostly presents with acute pain in leg but chronic gout can present with similar symptoms so ask your physician to rule this possibility out.

Now another possibility which could similar symptoms like yours is lymphatic obstruction which is blockage of the lymph vessels that drain fluid from body tissues and facilitate immune system cell movement through the body.So ask your physician to rule this possibility too.

Now as you denied any history of trauma or tick bite so both causes are low in our list though it may also present with similar symptoms.
You did not mention any fever so cellulitis as cause of your symptoms is low in our list.

Now if it would have been any heart ,liver or renal problem leading to swelling ,it will most likely lead to swelling in both legs(bilateral) instead of right toe alone and as you mentioned that you have healthy living style at present,so these causes seems less likely.

Other possibility at your age,with similar symptoms,with no medical condition seems less likely.
Always ask if you need clarification/more information.Please click ACCEPT button to get my credit.POSITIVE feedback& BONUS are warmly appreciated. Please note that answer is for information only. It can't be a substitute to visit the doctor.

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