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I have a mole about an inch under my right eye, which showed

Resolved Question:

I have a mole about an inch under my right eye, which showed up about a year ago. Four days ago I noticed it changing and it was very itchy, the middle went concave. Three days ago it started to get pussy inside, looking like a zit. The next morning, it looked like there was blood inside.
I have Kaiser for insurance and had to beg to see a doctor. He gave me a topical antibiotic yesterday (day 3). Clindamycin. He gave me a referal to the Dermatologist and said that I should have it biopsied for possible skin cancer, but to wait two weeks because of the infection. Long story short, even with the referal, I can't get in to the Derm for a whole month. My question is, is that too long to wait? How fast does skin cancer spread if it is that? If I have to, I will pay out of pocket to see a dermatologist outside of Kaiser. And do you recommend anyone in Denver?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chan replied 7 years ago.



Two weeks is not too long at this point. However, you could do just as well to see an ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon to do an excisional biopsy (that is, take the whole lesion off and look at it) instead of just an incisional biopsy (that is, cut a piece of it off to look under the microscope). Dermatologists usually don't do excision biopsies on lesions, especially one near the eye. Chances are, they would do an incisional biopsy; and if the lesion was malignant, would refer you to a surgeon to remove the lesion.



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