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my muscles awere so tight all over my body to the point I was

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my muscles awere so tight all over my body to the point I was nauseas from pain. i decided to try some pediolyte in case my electrolytes were off. within minute I felt relief. I had not had diarhea or anything else to cause me to lose lots of fluid. and hasd been drinking plenty of water. this muscle problem happens often. what could be cause?
You could have a muscle disorder, like rhabdomyalisis. Are you on any meds? Are you muscles weak? Any medical problems? How long have you had these complaints?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i am on benicar HCT ,,janumet,zonegran, levemir,. note:(can't take any statins make me so weak with one or two doses I can't stand)


have had positive and negative ANA tests - last rheumatologist says I do not have Lupus.


My problems seem more muscular.


I have been working out with a personal trainer. (very lightly)


I drink 64-100 oz of water per day. within last month , I have made myself increase my intake.


the muscle tightness has been going on for 5 years.


muscles are weak thats why I went to trainer as well as to lose weight. 5'3" 155lbs


NOte: I also was sweating on my face when my muscles were so tight, beads of sweat above my lip ,uncharecteristic of me.


diabetes MII

High blood pressure


dry eyes

Occasionally januvia can cause muscle pains. You need your muscle enzymes like CPK and aldolase checked to see if there is muscle inflammation. Also a sed rate. Other causes of muscle tightness is polymositis. I can't give you a diagnosis without these labs, but these tests are needed. See your doc or a rheumatologist.
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