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I have had a pain in the top half of my back for the last 4

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I have had a pain in the top half of my back for the last 4 weeks in is in the centre of the top half of my back generating to the left hand side.

I have been to my gp who sent me for chest xray and blood test these came back clear. I went back to my gp who did not know what was causing the pain she has just given me painkillers and said if the pain did not go after two weeks she would refer me to a specialist that was last Monday

The pain has not gone if anything it has got worse it is more painfull in the morning and evenings last night I was burning up. I was up at 4am this morning feeling very clamy and everytime I move I get a sharp pain in the top half of my back. I coughed up some flem this morning that looked like thick green puss. My back now feels as if I have been kicked in the back by a horse.

I also have copd

Can you please advise.


What does aggravate the pain except movement?

What blood tests were done?

Did you have any other symptom or previous illness except COPD?

Thank you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

There is a constant ache in the top left hand side of my back and movement causes a sharp pain like a hot poker, I do not know what all of the blood test were for I know one would tell if it was cancer another one was for bone density that was two out of the four I dont know what the other two were for.


The only other symptoms apart from the temperature last night is that I have had a very dry mouth every morning even after I have had a drink and I have been sick on several occasions this I think was because of the strong painkillers that I had been taking.

Thank you for the information,

The pain which is increased on movement can come from musculoskeletal cause or it may come from lung or pleural infection.

The presence of fever with phlegm can be a sign of infection.

You need to have a review by doctor.

If doctor feels further imaging studies like scan can be taken.

I hope this information will be helpful.

Please ask if you need any clarification.

Best wishes.
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