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Can Staph Infection cause Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Can Staph Infection cause Rheumatoid Arthritis



No, these are two separate diseases. Staph infections are common infections of the skin but sometimes can be a cause of other more serious infections. Rhematoid Arthritis is a specific autoimunne disease process where antibodies form and lead to the immune system being self-destructive toward componants of the body's joints. There is no established connection between these two diseases.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That contridicts what another doctor told me. He said that frequently Staph infections cause other infections ... I don't remember all that he said but it was something about stimulating the immumne system, which thens goes out of control.

Hello again!


Staph infections do not have any known connections to rheumatoid atrhritis. Rheumatoid athritis is a SEPARATE disease process. There are some connections between infections and autoimmune diseases. A strep infection can lead to Rheumatic Fever which is an autoimmune reaction which can affect structures such as the heart valves. There is no such connection between Staph infections and Rheumatoid Arthritis. In RA the body attacks the cartilage within the joints.


I disagree with the assertion that Staph infections cause other infections as well. A Staph infection is a term used to refer to a specific infection with the organism Staphylococcus Areus and not any other organism.


I hope this helps to clarify. Further questions are welcome if you have them.


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Anthony Bray MD