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For two days, I have been dizzy upon getting out of bed and

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For two days, I have been dizzy upon getting out of bed and several (5 or 6) times each day) lasting about a minute. I am 64, what do you think is going on. Could it be a head cold, or a virus?
When you say dizzy -- do you mean

1) lightheadedness, like you are about to faint


2) sensation of the room spinning around you?

Have you recently had an illness?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have not been sick, but my nose has been runny, which I thought to be a slight allergy to a cat that I got just before Christmas. I was waking up in the morning with my eyes swollen and some congestion. I started changing my sheets twice a week and covered my pillows when I was at work. I bought him a little bed and placed it at the bottom of my bed and things have improved but not entirely gone.

The feeling that I have is insecurity and balance. I grab something solid because I begin to fall. This morning I fell against a chair.

Are you having these sensations primarly when you are getting up from a lying down, or sitting position?

Do you know your blood pressure generally?

Is there a chance you could be dehydrated now?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Getting up or shortly after.

I take medication for blood pressure Diovan320mg/12.5mg

I drink a lot of water when I am at wortk Monday through Friday, but noticably less when I am at home. I will try to drink more water today and see if it improves.


I think drinking fluids may help with the symptoms you are having.

The symptoms you describe, lightheadedness immediately after getting up tells me that your blood pressure is probably low during this time, as a result of all of the blood "rushing to your feet" due to gravity.

If you get those sensations you should sit down and get up more slowly, and let your body readjust -- drinking fluids can help, as it can help to ensure you are not dehydrated (which may make this worse by getting the blood pressure lower than it should be).

In medical terms, this is called "orthostatic hypotension" and you can read more about it here:
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