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my feet hurt when I stand up to walk. It happens every time

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my feet hurt when I stand up to walk. It happens every time I get up to do anything. Its the whole foot from the back of my heel that lets my foot move to the bottom and the top of my foot, My legs ache bad at night I dont know if that has anything to do with it.


Foot pain is probably dueb to plantar fascitis. Plantar fascia is a strong band of connective tissue in the sole of the foot which stretches to the toes. It usually occurs due to inflammation from prolonged running, jogging or pressure on it. It becomes typically more intense at the first step after sleep or rest because of the stiffness developed during rest. Treatment is usually by, stretching. Antiinflammatory drug like OTC motrin are also used. Wearing heel cups, or pads or any orthotic device usually helps.But leg pain at night may not be related to it. It can be due to muscle cramps. An examination by doctor can confirm.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have an ulcer and antiflammatory meds really hurt my stomach is there any thing else that might work? Thank you
Streching , heel caps, & physical therapy often helps. To reduce pain you can take tylenol if necessary which will not hurt stomach.