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Mazda 3i Touring Sedan: 2015 Mazda 3i Car is 8 weeks old

Customer Question

2015 Mazda 3i
Car is 8 weeks old 7k miles. 4 times in the last month I've filled it up with gas. Should note I've started stopping it at 10 gallons. Remove the nozzle, return it to the pump, turn around and gas is literally pouring out of the car, it doesn't stop until I screw the cap on, continues to trickle out. I douse the car and tire in windshield washer fluid to remove fuel from car.
The gas gauge reads full, even though the tank is larger than 10 gallons.
The gas has discolored tire, I'm sure that will be an issue.
Took it to the dealership and the "gentleman" mechanic asked me if I was pumping gas after the pump clicked off. As "this would be the only way gas would overflow".
Freaking ridiculous, I may be a chick but I know how to pump gas for over 20 years now but seriously come tell me that when it clicks it's full.
Any guidance is appreciated, being talked down to was not appreciated.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  FIX IT MAN replied 1 year ago.
Hello, my name is***** for the question. If I am not online when you return please give me some time to get back to you. First off let me say that you are right, nobody should be talking like that. Second, there is a technical bulletin on the 2014 model which stretches to many 2015 models for an inaccurate fuel gauge reading. The dealer should be reprogramming the computer to fix this. If it is not reading right then it can make you think that there is less fuel in the tank and can also cause this overfilled situation. I would ask the dealer about this. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.