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Mazda B2300: Door sensor, bell keeps going off. No listing

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Door sensor, bell keeps going off. No listing for a fuse to cancel thisin owners manual. Truck has 180,000 on it and on last legs so dont want to go thru expense of replacing door sensor, just want to axe the bell!! Thanks in advance!

Hello I will help you with your question,


Spray the door latch openings with WD-40. Really soak them and then slam the door 10 - 15 times. Not too hard you don't want to break it but a good solid close.


This should free the door switch in the latch and turn off the warning.


There is no fuse for this switch, the power comes from the instrument cluster. Short of replacing the door switch in the latch or cutting the wire leading to the switch you will need to repair the operation of the switch.


Try the WD-40 it usually works.


Let me know what happens and how I can help


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Thank you


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