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1998 mazda B3000: throws out hot air, other times its cold

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I have a heater problem on a 1998 mazda B3000 pickup. sometimes it throws out hot air, other times its cold. the temp. control knob doesnt seem to regulate the hot or cold air. it has a new heater control valve, thermostat and i just tried a used heater control panal. it gives out real hot air when knob is turned to full clokwise position, but when tirning back counter clockwise it doesnt effect it. also when you turn the air cond on it blows out hot air unless you set the control to max. any ideas on this?
Hello and welcome the door that take the air hot to cold is made of plastic and is bad about cracking. It lets the actuator slip and doesn't turn the door as it should. The part is only about 50 bucks but you have to remove the dash to access it.
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