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Hi, Im a new user of the pinnacle for ipad app - I have an

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Hi, I'm a new user of the pinnacle for ipad app - I have an ipad mini. I have made a video and am ready to remove the audio from the original recording and add voice over. I tried the voice over recording by clicking the microphone and everything seems to work fine - until I press the play button to preview what I've recorded before accepting it and hear nothing but a slight hiss indicating recording, but no actual audio. Have tried it about 10 times now. Help?

I am Pete, and I'll be happy to assist with your question today.


The microphone is on the back of the iPad Mini, toward the middle of the top edge.


If you have a cover on the back, it may be blocking the microphone.

If there is no cover, and your voice still sounds muffled or faint when you speak directly into the microphone, then the microphone is likely blocked with lint or dirt.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Pete, thanks for the suggestions. However, the issue is not a muffled microphone. The voice over audio, while showing as a track on the audio track in the timeline, is not audible at all. The only sound is the original audio recorded when the scene was shot. At someone else's suggestion, I tried doing the voice over and then exporting it. I did and sent it to my channel on YouTube. There, the voice over was audible. However, I still do not know how to get the voice over to be audible in pinnacle in the editing program. It makes it difficult to know whether a voice over recording is the best it can be before accepting it if I can only hear it once it's exported and I'm sure the feature isn't supposed to work that way. Any more suggestions?

Hi Gerry,

If the recording is not audible at all, check that the correct microphone has been selected when setting up the voiceover recording in Pinnacle.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Pete, I didn't have to do any set up when I started using Pinnacle for the ipad, nor can I see any settings button to do with the microphone. The app looks different than the full scale program. Where do I find the place to check settings? And if the wrong microphone has been selected, does it still make sense that the voice over is audible once it's exported?

Hi Gerry,

Actually, if you are using the built-in mic and not an external mic, there is no need to select a microphone, and of course the correct microphone is being used if the voice is audible once exported.


The voice should also be audible when played back after recording.

Since it is not audible on playback, there appears to be either a bug with the app, or some corruption in the video or audio file.

Probably the easiest way to fix the recording would be to use iExplorer and copy the .caf audio file to the "Documents->UserAudio" folder of the Pinnacle Studio App, and then do a Library Rebuild from Settings inside the app. The audio file should then be audible.


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