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Michelle, Mac Technician
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 982
Experience:  Apple Computers and Mobile support with 12 years of exp.
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My desktop wont load

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My desktop won't load

Michelle :

Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am excited to get started with you.

So I can better assist you, I will need additional information. What operating system are you running? Have you successfully booted into Safe Mode?

Customer: OS X no message has come up
Michelle :

Do you know what version of OS X? 10.7? Also to boot into safe mode, you will only need to press and hold down the Shift Key as soon as you start your mac

Customer: 10.6
Customer: I've tried that nothing loaded after
Michelle :

Thank you for the additional information. There are a few reason as to why you are unable to boot onto your desktop. The most common are corrupt operating systems or if your hard drive is too full and items need to be deleted. Do you have your 10.6 install disk handy? Have you received a "Disk is full" error message?

Customer: no I digitally downloaded the software and no error message so far
Michelle :

Oh if you digitally downloaded it, do you think you may be running 10.7 or 10.8 (Lion and Mountain lion) oppose to 10.6?

Customer: Yes I think I would be
Customer: I updated it during the summer
Michelle :

I sure hope so. Lets find out. The lion series comes with a recovery partition that you can boot to. Go ahead and shut down your computer. Turn it on and immediately press and hold Command+R Continue to hold both keys until the apple logo appears

Customer: ok it appeared
Michelle :

Great. You should be looking at and OSX recovery selection. Do you see where it says Disk utility?

Customer: It's just the gray apple with turning gear
Customer: Is that bad?
Michelle :

Oh you were referring to the apple logo that appeared. Nope not bad, lets wait until it boots into the recovery partition

Customer: ok how long does it typically take?
Michelle :

It should take 2-4 mins from when the apple logo appears

Customer: Ok I think it's only been almost two
Michelle :

Ok lets give it another minute or so

Customer: Thanks for being patient
Michelle :

No problem :)

Customer: Did I overload my computer somehow?
Michelle :

It actually sounds like there may be an issue with your Hard drive. But it is still too early to tell. It defiantly should have loaded to the recovery partition by now though.

Customer: nothings come up =\ anything else I can do
Customer: im sorry
Michelle :

Lets try it one more time. If not, you will need to bring your computer in for service. It is looking more like a hardware issues. No need to apologize. Lets give it another shot. Power down your machine again. As soon as you get power, immediately press and hold both Command and R key until the apple logo appears

Customer: ok
Michelle :

Fingers crossed

Customer: Do I have to keep holding it down
Michelle :

No you can release as soon as the apple logo appears

Michelle :

The keys only need to held before the apple logo

Customer: Ok
Customer: now it's the grey spinning wheel again
Michelle :

Ok lets give it another miniute

Michelle :


Customer: I'm at my college right now if it doesn't work should I take it to tech support
Michelle :

Are you near an apple Store?

Customer: There is one a half hour away
Michelle :

If that is not too far out of your way, I recommend bringing your computer to the apple Store. You have a hard drive issue and can possibly have others. Unless your college tech support does repairs and has the parts you can defiantly take that route.

Customer: but I'm in a wheelchair
Michelle :

You defiantly have other options then. You can mail it in as well

Michelle :

Does your campus tech support offer hardware repairs?

Customer: I think so
Michelle :

I assume your computer is still at the spinning hear. Looks like your hard drive needs repair or your operating system needs to be re-installed. To make things easier for you, I recommend visiting your campus support to see if they can use their installation disk to boot and scan your hard drive. If your hard drive checks out, your operating system just needs to be re-installed. If it comes up with an error and they are do not perform repairs, you can then call Apple to schedule a repair Via Mail. Here is the repair number 1-800-275-2273


Customer: Thank you so much for your help I will do that
Michelle :

You are very welcome. I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy the rest of your evening :)

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