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Brandon M.
Brandon M., Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 6977
Experience:  10+ Years Mac Support as contractor and currently an IT Manager for law firm
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I dont know why my computer is not working. I see in the

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I don't know why my computer is not working. I see in the screen " access this computer, you need to enter your password " but I can not, it is not working.

Is my key bord has no battery?

Brandon M. :

Hello and thank you for contacting us, a paid expert support site. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be glad to assist you with your issue.

Brandon M. :

As I understand it, you are being asked for a login but you are unable to type, is that correct?

Customer: Yes,
Customer: Wait, I don't know " login " means.
Customer: my name is XXXXX XXXXX
Customer: I need to put " password " but I can not type.
Brandon M. :

Ok, is your keyboard wireless?

Customer: Are you there?
Customer: Yes,
Brandon M. :

Ok, if you press the caps lock key, do you see a light show up anywhere on the keyboard?

Customer: Wireless
Customer: No
Brandon M. :

Ok, you might need new batteries, then. What type of keyboard is it? Logitech? Microsoft?

Customer: I don't know what it call.
Customer: Very thin, on the top,, there are three batteries.
Brandon M. :

Ok, do you have any replacement batteries you can put in there?

Customer: I have to get them.
Brandon M. :

Ok, we'll need to try that first to make sure that it was just the batteries. Is that something you can do soon (get the batteries) or would you like to check back in with me later?

Customer: Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX soon, maybe tomorrow.
Brandon M. :

Ok, sounds good. I will be on around 9am eastern (about 12 hours from now).

Customer: I have battery now, but I have other thing to do.
Customer: I will try battery tomorrow.
Customer: I have to take my dog now, but I changed batteries, still key bord does not work.
Brandon M. : Thanks for the update. On the bottom of the keyboard, are you able to find a model number?
Customer: Sorry, I just came back. Mo #. a1225
Customer: I probably contact you tomorrow.
Customer: Thank you,
Brandon M. :

If this an imac?

Customer: An iMac?
Customer: I tried batteries both side.
Customer: No light on caps lock.
Customer: Are you there to help me now?
Customer: I tired off and on switch too.
Customer: I don't know why, it is working now.
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