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Vinod Menon
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Ok another question-my iPhone came with 13GB of space. Im

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Ok another question-my iPhone came with 13GB of space. I'm down to only 3.75GB available.
songs = 743 MB
Photos= 3.86 GB
Apps (48!) = 2.1 GB
Other (?) = 2.95 GB
I like to keep most of the photos there, not moved to laptop. If I delete some photos, will that give me more lots more available space?
I feel like it's a crowded closet!

Your phone now has 3.86 GB of photos. So if you delete all the photos your phone will have 3.86 GB of additional free space.

If you wish to delete only some photos, go to the photos app and then to the camera roll. Click on the "edit" button at the top and delete the photos you wish.

Additionally, you can remove some apps. Also, you can reset the safari browser by going to settings - safari and clearing the history and cache. This will also up the free space.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any difficulty.

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

In camera roll, if I click on "edit" , I can put a check mark on photos. But there's no "delete" option.


Do i have to do this through the laptop, not on the phone alone?

When you check the photos you want to delete, to the bottom of the screen, there should be three options - share, add to and delete. Did you mean you have the other two, but no delete?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, got it now. I have the delete option.

Also, for some reason, I had all my photos from my laptop photo library also on iphone.

I got rid of them fm iPhone, but it only added .1 GB of space. I was surprised so little.

I'll delete more from photo stream and hope that helps.

What takes more space-- music or photos?

Usually a song should take more space than a photo taken using the iphone. However, your phone is having 3.86 GB of photos compared to 743MB of music, which is nearly 6 times higher. So I believe you are having a huge number of photos on the iphone.

Anyway, on your iphone, go to settings > general > usage > photos and camera. There, you can see how much space is taken by your camera roll, photo library and photo stream.

The photos in your photo library and photo stream cannot be deleted directly from the iphone. We have to do that from the computer. Do you have all those photos still in the computer?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes, all still in computer

usage says:

camera roll: 3.5gb

photo library: .4kb

photo stream: 130 mb

what is dif between those three?

There must be some photo overlap there, too.

When you take photos using the iphone camera, they will be stored under "camera roll".

If you transfer any photos from the computer, they will go into "photo library".

There is also a folder called photostream in your computer (which is related to the cloud so that you can have your pictures viewed from any device). So if photo is in photostream in the computer, they will be shown in the photostream folder in iphone as well.

Your photo library and photostream is not having enough photos. The photo space on your phone is now largely consumed by the camera roll. So try deleting from the camera roll, by clicking on Edit and then delete. This should create a considerable free space on the iphone.

Let me know
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