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I am not computer literate. Im too far away to visit an Apple

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I am not computer literate. I'm too far away to visit an Apple store in the UK. My Mac and Time Capsule can't complete a backup as the disk is full. I get a message saying "/Volumes/Data/Faith's MacBook Pro sparse bundle is already in use".
Advice suggests deletion of old backups should be automatic. I don't understand most of the technical terms in use. Please help

Appleologist : Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am excited to get started with you.In order for your computer to start initiating backups again, you will need to delete the older ones first. I will walk you through on how to do that. First open up your finder. (Click on the happy face icon in the dock) In the left column, is your time capsule listed there?
Customer: Hi, Michelle, No, it's not
Appleologist : You should see a "shared" category in the left hand side in finder. What is listed under share
Customer: The time capsule is listed, but it says it is disconnected. (Also listed 3f6cdfooo which I think is irrelevant)
Appleologist : Click on the time capsule and then type in your password
Customer: It now says it is connected
Appleologist : Ok good. Now within your time capsule, you should see a series of folders. Do you see a "Backups.backupdb" folder/
Customer: No. I see a thing that says DATA, and then a thing that says Faith's MacBook Pro
Appleologist : Click on Faith's macbook pro
Appleologist : You should now see a bunch of folders with dates
Customer: Yes
Appleologist : Now these are the folders you will need to delete. They contain all of your early backups. The folders at the top are the oldest. Do you have anything that is not on your computer now but is in the backups?
Customer: No
Appleologist : Great, that makes it easier. Do you can delete most of your backups but leave the last three or five. (Which are closest to the bottom) You have two options, you can delete each folder by selecting in and then pressing command+delete (or you can just drag them into the trash) OR you can delete multiple folders by selecting the very top folder. Press and HOLD the SHIFT key and then select the last folder you wish to delete. This will highlight all the folder. Drag those into the trash and then empty the trash
Customer: I think something's not right. I haven't a list of backups. It says, on seprate lines: Name, Kind, Size,Created 10 January 2013, Modified Today 11.52 and Last Opened Todat 11.52
Appleologist : Are you looking in the Faith's Macbook Pro folder?
Customer: Finder/Faith Harrison's T C /Data/F's MacBook Pro.
Appleologist : No, you will need to be in your time capsule. Click on your time capsule again under shared
Customer: Sorry, it's under /Shared/Time Capsule, as I said
Appleologist : Alight now stay within that folder. Can you tell me all the folders you see within time capsule?
Customer: The only one I see is DATA
Appleologist : click on the Data folder. Now read me the folders that you see
Customer: All I see is Faith's MacBook Pro
Appleologist : When you click on Faith's Macbook pro, what folders appear
Customer: Just what I told you before
Appleologist : That does not add up. That is not enough data to give you a device is full error. Lets check how much storage you have used. Click on magnifying glass in the upper right corner and type in disk utility
Appleologist : Then click on disk utility
Appleologist : Please let me know if you are having difficulties finding disk utility
Appleologist : If you are still unable to find it, we can go another route and just reset your time capsule and start fresh
Appleologist : ?
Customer: Sorry, our server in France went down, have been off line for some time.
Appleologist : Its ok, we can pick up where we left off
Customer: Cannot find magnifying glass in top rh corner. so can't find disk utility let's reset time capsule and start again.
Appleologist : Ok. Click on the apple logo in the upper left corner and choose system preferences
Appleologist : The apple logo is in the very top menu bar all the way to the top left
Customer: You asked me to find a magnifying glass logo, sorry
Appleologist : Yes when you could not find it, I suggested clicking on the apple logo instead. Do you see the apple logo in the upper LEFT corner?
Customer: Yes, found system preferences
Appleologist : Now under system preferences, Click on Time Machine. It is under systems
Customer: OK
Appleologist : Right underneath the word "Backup" You should see GB of GB available. Can you read me what yours says. It is listed right above the oldest backup
Customer: 1.94TB of 2TB
Appleologist : Wow! You have a lot of data. To fully erase the drive we will need to use disk utility. Since you can not locate the magnifying glass, you can get to disk utility in finder. Click on finder again (Happy face icon) Click on Applications
Customer: `i've found disk utilities
Appleologist : Great. In the left column, you should see your time capsule. It should be right underneath macintosh HD
Customer: sorry, it isn't
Appleologist : Oh you know what. Since you lost connection, you may need to enter your password XXXXX Open finder, in the left column under shared, click on your time capsule and type in your password XXXXX
Customer: It says it's connected, BUT I went into Finder/Devices/Time Machine/Backups, and I think I've found all the backups there. Does this mean they've never been going into time capsule?
Appleologist : Your time capsule is your time machine backup. You just had is stored in a different location. Thats totally fine. You don't have another additional external hard drive right? If not, go ahead and delete the entire backup folder OR you can choose to keep a few backups just for safe keeps
Customer: No other additionall external hard drive, am trying to delete stuff
Appleologist : Ok so as mentioned earlier before we were disconnected, you have two options on deleting your data. When you click on the backup folder, you will see a long list of folders with dates. You can delete them individually or select the first backup, press and HOLD down the shift key and select the last backup you wish to delete. Press Command+Delete to delete or you can just drag them into the trash
Customer: I think I've put them all in trash, b ut I'm not sure
Appleologist : click on the trash in the bottom right corner. You will be able to see everything in the trsh
Appleologist : trash
Customer: Brilliant, the backups are in trash
Appleologist : Great. Now in the upper right corner, click on empty
Appleologist : This may take some time to empty. When it is done emptying, you will now have space on your time capsule so your machine will backup as usual now
Customer: It seems to be backing up OK
Appleologist : Did the trash finish emptying?
Customer: Not yet, it says I can't open it as it is emptying/ Time machine says its backing up, I take it the backup ends up in Time Capsule OK now?
Appleologist : Yes. If for some reason it stop, wait until the trash it empty first
Customer: The sign says backup is about 14 days?
Appleologist : It all depends on your internet speed and connection. The first backup is always the longest. Technically, this will be your first backup. It backs up in the background so you will still be able to use your machine
Customer: will an ethernet cable make it quicker?
Appleologist : Yes it will
Appleologist : Can you open time machine from system preference again
Customer: I've put one on. Yes, it's open
Appleologist : Can you read me the GB of GB again right underneath backup
Appleologist : It should not say 1.94TB of 2TB
Customer: It says Backing Up
Customer: 57.7MB of 59.55GB
Appleologist : Awesome
Customer: It still says 1.94TB of 2TB near the top
Appleologist : Thats because the trash is not done
Appleologist : When it is fully emptied, those numbers will change
Customer: so does this matter? what does it mean?
Appleologist : No it does not matter for now. Since the trash is still emptying and there is a ton of data, it will change once the trash is fully empty.
Customer: I think, then, that's about it....very, very many thanks for your knowledge and patience...
Appleologist : You are very welcome. Have a fantastic rest of your day :)
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