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how to enable cookies. on Apple Mac book pro?

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how to enable cookies. on Apple Mac book pro?

Appleologist : Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am excited to get started with you.So I can better assist you, I will need additional information. Are you referring to allowing cookies in Safari?
Customer: yes
Appleologist : Sure. Thanks for the clarification. To enable cookies in Safari, Click on Safari in the upper menu bar. Choose preferences
Customer: hello are you there network was stuck on my end.
Appleologist : Yes I am
Appleologist : Did you receive my last response
Appleologist : To enable cookies in Safari, Click on Safari in the upper menu bar. Choose preferences
Appleologist : Within preferences, click on the Privacy Tab. Under Block cookies, choose never
Customer: thank you.
Appleologist : You are very welcome. Was there anything Els I can assist you with today?
Customer: Also my backup of iTunes from my old G4 to external disk and then to the local MacBook Pro has truncated some songs a significant number and
Customer: videos arn't in the files structure of iTunes.
Appleologist : When you transferred your iTunes library to your external hard drive, did you take the entire itunes library image or did you transfer the songs. How did you then import them on the your new computer?
Customer: hello?
Appleologist : Did you get my last response?
Appleologist : I am here
Customer: I transferred the whole image to the back up disk.
Appleologist : Is the backup still on your external hard drive?
Customer: Then transferred all the selections dragging them to Itunes at first the videos got there and then lost them. I've replaced by repurchasing as I was perturbed.
Appleologist : Ok, That is why. You imported them incorrectly. Are they still on your external drive?
Customer: yes
Appleologist : Ok Connect your external drive to your computer
Customer: yes it is some "new" songs are not yet backed up on the external drive.
Appleologist : Its ok, we will not be deleting the library yet. Quit itunes. Now press and hold the option key while launching itunes
Appleologist : Select Choose Library
Appleologist : Now choose the iTunes folder from your external hard drive
Customer: more clarification it says library points to external can't find the word choose.
Appleologist : When you press and held down the option key while launching itunes, what were you options to choose from
Customer: I just held the option key depressed and clicked iTunes icon.
Appleologist : Lets start over. Quit itunes. Now press and hold down the option key while launching itunes. Continue to hold down the option key until you get a pop up
Customer: Okay the pop up came up I chose "choose Library", then I chose external drive some or all songs are on the top level saved that way I don't know if there is a single library folder or if this is right or wrong?
Appleologist : On the external hard drive, do you see a single "iTunes folder"?
Customer: under L 10.5.8 Library is a single folder that says iTunes, I don't remember if I did this this way.
Appleologist : Select the single itunes folder and choose Open
Appleologist : This will open the itunes library on your external hard drive. Verify if this is how it was on your old machine
Customer: says nothing to be found no iTunes library in folder.
Appleologist : Are you selecting just the itunes folder or the contents inside? Select just the itunes folder
Appleologist : If you are still getting the same message, you may have transferred it incorrectly. Do you still have access to your old machine?
Customer: The iTunes folder is what I selected but it is under 10.5.8 library the top folder Imust have done this and then the Apple guy said just drag everyting to back it up the other way like this didn't work on my old G4, other corruption like could read final seasons of star trek purchased on iTunes but the seasons 1 & 2 were okay, probably something different but the point is there were troubles with iTunes.
Appleologist : What error message are you getting when trying to watch your movies?
Customer: Not in Librrary I hasve to go to the external disk to select and play some episodes os star trek and it won't put them in if I drag it individually on to the iTunes Library, and lose of some episodes I did also have to go back to the external disk as they were in the iTunes Library and then they disappeared, and this was on my Mac Book Pro.
Appleologist : You mentioned that you purchased them from itunes. You can re-download them free of charge. Lets try that first. It also sounds like you may have new yet authorized the itunes Library on your new machine
Appleologist : Choose the itunes library on your machine and choose open
Customer: I'm at open iTunes library now. Ididn't have to close first did I?
Appleologist : So is it back to your original library now?
Customer: I don't think I know were we are?
Appleologist : Ok in the finder choose Music in the left column
Appleologist : You should now see the itunes folder on your machine
Customer: yes okay it selects points to music and say iTunes underneath.
Appleologist : Now choose the itunes folder and then choose open
Customer: okay Itunes opens.
Appleologist : Ok now choose iTunes store in the left column
Appleologist : Correction. Choose the purchase tab in the left column
Customer: okay clecked purchase and a big list appeared.
Appleologist : Ok so go through the list and find your troubled star wars video
Appleologist : Double click on it to play it.
Customer: List is truncated to only 68 songs I have over 700 and no videos like star trek appear on this list, I also had about 10 Music ideas and they also don't appear.
Customer: videos was spelled wrong
Appleologist : Lets go another route. Click on iTunes store in the left column
Customer: yes itunes store
Appleologist : To the right, you should see "quick Links"
Appleologist : Right underneath that, choose the purchased tab
Customer: yes I see quick links
Appleologist : Click on purchased
Appleologist : Its the second option
Customer: I clicked purchase and now it says 718 songs and other
Appleologist : Do you see the video tab?
Appleologist : Movies
Appleologist : You should see a series of categories in the top menu bar. Choose Movies Or TV shows
Customer: Can I reload for free Season 3 But actually this will take too long better from backup but that hasn't worked to be part of the Mac Book iTunes library
Appleologist : Absolutely. You can re-download everything free of charge
Appleologist : Your purchases will be there forever so you you accidentally delete anything or it was lost in transit, you can re-download them
Customer: Okay I guess thatI will go that way but just to make sure is there no way I can incorporate and have the new iTunes see them into it single library rather than scan the external disk old for for example the star treks. Though I had them all moving to the new it shows the folder and just a few of the individual movies are in the folder for selection why don't they go in when dragged and copied.?
Appleologist : Did you purchase all of your contents from iTunes?
Customer: yes
Appleologist : That makes it much easier. You have Two options. You can delete your entire itunes library (The one that is troubled) and then simply re-download everything back from your iTunes account
Appleologist : Its less of a head ache then going there songs and videos trying to figure out which on does not play. There is a Download all button at the bottom right corner
Customer: Don't know how to distinguish your reference to one that is troubled, and don't one to trust you twice, that is Apple computer, I'll just download replace for free one at a time as I see the truncation, did I mention the good library truncates some songs, and I'll just keep the old backup and select tv star trek from there I don't wish to gamble by deleting everything, also I haven't upgraded to iTunes 11.02 yet may be then try again to have it find the videos on the backup disk.
Customer: thank you, XXXXX XXXXX a time has worked for a few songs which don't take too long to down load.
Appleologist : Let me clarify. When I said troubled library, I was referring to the library that you mentioned truncates songs. You are very welcome. Was there anything els I can assist you with. PS. You really should run updates on your machine asap. Click on the apple logo in the upper left corner and choose software updates
Customer: thank you. Finish
Appleologist : Have a fantastic weekend
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