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I just downloaded Evernote from the Mac App store to use on

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I just downloaded Evernote from the Mac App store to use on my computer and I installed it. It installed correctly, and the icon for Evernote appeared on my dock. Then I was able to see my Evernote desktop with the sidebar. I even set up some personal notebooks and notes for myself.

Then I received an e-mail directly from Evernote saying my account was "almost" ready to be installed and that I had to click on the green tab in the e-mail to get access to the site. This seemed very confusing since I already installed the App from the Mac store.

I do not understand why I should have to install Evernote twice. Should I do this?

Also, another problem: When I log onto my Mac App store I cannot access my Evernote page that I created (which had a dark sidebar and my name, notebooks, etc.) Now, when I click the icon I cannot get it to drop down to my dock. Also, when I click the icon the Evernote site looks different, and does not have my personal info on it. The site appears as a green page with numerous posts from users on the bottom. This is not the page I created. I don't know what happened to my Evernote page.

Can someone help me on this? I have a subscription for Apple service for 3 years so if I have to I can call them. I just can't understand how my Evernote page disappeared like that, along with my notebooks and notes, and why this new "generic" green Evernote page appeared. Thanks for any help you can give.
Thank you for the question. The email you're referring to is typically sent once you register with Evernote using their website. In your case it sounds like you downloaded the App from the Apple App store so can ignore the email asking you to install again.

As for using EverNote, you should launch the application through your Mac now that you have installed it (rather than through the App Store). Let's start by getting Evernote back in your dock and launching it from there to see if you can see the page you created. Please do the following:

1) Click the search icon on the very top right corner of your screen. It is usually to the right of where it says your name where the clock is showing.
2) In the search bar, type Evernote
3) Once Evernote comes up in the search, click on it to launch the program
4) Once you see Evernote in your dock, right click the icon in your dock and select Options -> Keep in Dock. This will ensure it does not go away when you close the application.

Please let me know what you find. If you have any questions, I am here to help further. Thanks again!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Technie Ben,


Your answer was very helpful and I now have the Evernote icon on my dock, and I can sign in directly to my personal page.


I still have a few questions and really need some more help:


With Evernote, it appears there are two pages that appear different. The page that originally downloaded from Evernote has a green border and looks like an e-mail account, with options on the top. The Evernote that came from the App store with my personal account has the dark border with my Notebooks. Can you tell me what the differences are between these Evernote pages?


I also cannot clip anything from the internet or from my Word files and bring them into my Evernote notebooks. I can type new notes directly on Evernote, but I can't figure out how to use the clipping service.


Two questions about my printer. I have an HP printer. How can I set a pdf document to print in a booklet format? There are no options when I select "File" and "Print" for typing in a format to save paper. The document is 22 pages long, but in booklet format only 11.


Also, I cannot print selected text from an online document. I have to paste it into Microsoft Word, and then print selected text. How can I print selected text from an Internet document once it is in my printer?


If you can assist me with this, I would really appreciate it.


Thank you so much for your ongoing help, and for assisting me in placing the icon on my dock, and hopefully you can guide me through this!


P.S. I was offline for a few days and now realize I did not rate your answer. I am rating you Excellent for your help, and I hope I get a follow-up response on my Mac questions. Thank you!


Hello. Thanks for the reply. I can help with the Evernote question through the Q+A page, but we might want to try a remote session sometime this weekend for the printing issue. The reason for that is because every printer driver works a bit differently, so I cannot provide the exact steps to accomplish these tasks without seeing what print options you have. Normally when you select some text on a web page and press Print (hold Command and press P), there is an option for "Print Selection Only", but again, every printer driver works a little different.

As for Evernote, it sounds like you have two versions installed, so I'd suggest either removing one of them, or just using the one that's in your dock from now on (as the one you got before downloading from the App Store is an older version, hence the difference in look and feel).

For the clipping service, you need to do the following:

1) Make sure Evernote is open
2) Once it is, you should see the small Evernote icon (it looks like an elephant) on the very top of your screen (in the same row of icons where your clock is showing)
3) Once you click the Evernote icon, you should see an option that says "Clip Rectangle or Window to Evernote"
4) Once you select that option, you'll notice a crosshair appears on your screen. Either click and drag a portion of the screen you want to capture in to your notebook, or just click once (without dragging) on the window to capture the entire window. Once you do this, your selection is added as a new note to your notebook.

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope it helps!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I am really frustrated with Evernote. I thought this was supposed to be so easy (at least, that's what I've heard). I did notice the Evernote elephant icon on top and did everything you suggested. I was able to open up the crosshairs and that's as far as it gets.


When I try to go into my Mac "Stacks" and also to "Dropbox" I have a folder which is an important copywriting course, with writing files and documents contained in that one folder. There are probably 20 files in the folder. Within each file there are additional PDF writing files from different sections of the course. I created a Copywriting Notebook in Evernote. What I was hoping to do is clip the entire Copywriting folder from Stacks and/or from my Dropbox and bring the entire folder into Evernote. That way, I thought I could access the internal PDF files in Evernote and retrieve the PDF's and annotate the course pages as I need to, or add my own notes.


When I tried to and grab the folder to add to my Evernote Copywriting notebook, the crosshairs window closed. When I try to drag my Copywriting folder from Stacks or Dropbox to my notes, that doesn't work either. The entire folder transfers as a "zip" file note (and it looks ugly...nothing but a white box with a picture of a zipper in the middle of the box). Even that doesn't open correctly in Evernote. It defaults to my Stacks and Dropbox and picks up the folder from there. I can always read these courses in Stacks and in Dropbox, but I can't highlight or notate things I want to remember.


I figured I can take the entire folder from both locations and clip the folder, and put it into the Evernote Copywriting notebook."


I keep getting a pop-up about synching everything. I've already tried doing that but I'm not sure if I'm doing that correctly. I cannot drag or clip anything into the crosshairs, or bring the crosshairs window from Evernote into my Accelerated course folder.


In addition, I cannot clip web pages from the Internet and put them in Evernote. I went to "" and tried to clip a Chicken recipe that I wanted in my Evernote Notebook entitled "Recipe Notebook." All I got was a screenshot of the recipe, with most of the page cut off.


I don't understand what is wrong. Please help if you have time. I will be online for about another hour, but if I am offline please just let me know what time is convenient for you this weekend. Thanks again...!

Thanks for the reply. The clipper option that shows the crosshairs on your screen is meant for saving screenshots and single files only. If you want a file in your note, you can use the clipper to select the file, or you can drag and drop the file in to a note. If you drag an entire folder, it will zip it up and put it in the note as you described.

As for saving web pages, you can download "Web Clipper" by launching Evernote and clicking "Trunk" on the left side and selecting "Web Clipper". Web Clipper will provide more of the web page integrations with Evernote that you are looking for. Otherwise, anything you select using the Evernote clipper will be captured as a screenshot or as an entire screen.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I didn't realize files come in as a zip. In that case, it's probably better if I view it in Dropbox. It seems complicated to view PDF's directly in Evernote. The only reason to view the PDF's in Evernote is if I can add text, highlight, annotate and edit what's already in the PDF. If you know how to do this, please send me instructions.


I will try the Web Clipper. Thanks again.

Thanks for the reply. You can't actually mark-up PDF using Evernote. You either need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro (which is a bit expensive), or use the built-in "Preview" application that comes with Mac Snow Leopard or higher. Once you open the PDF in the Preview application, you will see in the toolbar at the top of the page there is a highlight, strikethrough options, as well as some options to draw shapes in the PDF file. Once you save the PDF in Preview, you can bring it in to Evernote. Hope it helps!
Techie_Ben and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you

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