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I intalled Roxio easy VHS to DVD for Mac. I can replay a burned

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I intalled Roxio easy VHS to DVD for Mac. I can replay a burned DVD on the Mac. However, when I attempted a couple time to playback the DVD on my home dvd system a message states no file found. Please advise. Steve

Brian :

I'm familiar with Roxio, but not this product, specifically. The most like problem though, is one of media. Computer DVD drives are built to read and record many formats (DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, etc.), whereas standard DVD players, like the one connected to your television, may only support certain kinds. If you burned your movie to a DVD+R disc, you might try burning it to a DVD-R disc.

Another possibility, though less common, is that some stand-alone DVD and CD players are more (or less) tolerant about the brand of disc. As an example, some players may have issues with Memorex discs and better luck with Verbatim discs.

It's more likely that this is a format issue though (DVD-R vs. DVD+R). I can't tell you which formats your DVD players supports, but that information would be in the manual, or the specs would be available online.


I have tried both -R and +R. The DVD's are in .MOV format. Previous DVD burned on my former PC were in JPEG format. Do I need to change the default on the Roxio fro MOV to JPEG?

Brian :

Yes. I believe the .mov extension is only recognized by Quicktime compatible readers (such as the DVD app, YouTube, etc.)

I'm a little confused by your saying that there's a JPEG video format in the Roxio app, but maybe Roxio is referring to M-JPEG. I would try that format.


Sorry. JPEG format was from Vidbox which I used for vhs dvd conversion on my PC.

Brian :

Is there another format option, other than .MOV in the Roxio app? If not, you could open up iDVD and drag in your .MOV file. Using iDVD means you could have a title screen, chapters, text captions, etc., which might be handy if these are shorter home videos. Meaning, you could burn several shorter movies onto a single DVD, and have a chapter for each one. Or use iDVD to edit away any unwanted clips.

The resulting disc from iDVD would be in the proper format for your DVD player, as well.


Can I download IDVD or is it on my MAC? Thanks

Brian :

Many Macs are (and have been) sold with the iLife suite of apps already installed, meaning iPhoto, Garage Band, iMovie, iDVD. You may already have it but you'll need to check your Applications folder on your Mac.

iDVD isn't sold as a stand alone product, but iLife ('09 or '11 version) includes iDVD and is readily available on Amazon or eBay, if you choose to go that route.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mac has imovie, but I have been unsuccessful in my search to enable a change format from MOV to JPEG. I'll figure it out eventually. Thanks for your assistance.

You can't make a DVD from iMovie. But you can drag your .MOV file into iMovie and then click the SHARE menu. From there, you can send the file to iDVD (to make a DVD), or export to other formats for online video (Facebook, YouTube, iPhone etc.).