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CompExpert, Mac Specialist
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Experience:  Apple Desktop/Laptops with 8 years exp. Apple Certified
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When I try to use FaceTime, the person on the other end gets

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When I try to use FaceTime, the person on the other end gets a garbled sound.I can hear them perfectly. So I tried using iChat but I can't find iChat on my computer even though I've used it before. I didn't delete anything?

CompExpert :

you can find ichat by open finder --->>> application folder

if you cannot find ichat within the application folder please let me know?
also, tell me what osx version did you currently installed on your computer, 10.5 leopard, 10.6 snow leopard, 10.7 Lion or 10.8 Mountain Lion?


Mountain Lion. I checked the Applications folder first. It's not there.


You were online at 10:56, I replied at 11:06 and you were offline. This answer, "I don't know what to do about FaceTime" and try Applications folder was not worth $58.00. I won't be using Just Answer again.

CompExpert :

okay, have removed ichat from mountain lion, but instead they replaced it with messages app.

just open messages app, on the top menu click messages -->> preferences --->> then double click on the account you want to ichat with and it will open up for you.

CompExpert :

about your facetime problem, facetime sound problem can be caused by how strong your internet connection is on either side.

CompExpert :

I was online the whole time but I'm not why the status shown that I'm offline.

Customer: That only allows you to chat by typing. You can't chat in person. That's no more than a text message. Are you saying that the video chat feature doesn't work on this latest operating system?
CompExpert :

Apple removed ichat from Mountain Lion and replaced with messages.

you can do video chat in message, there should be a little video camcorder icon next to your friend username.

just like this instruction page here -->>

CompExpert :

you can hit Command-1 and it should show up a list just like ichat

CompExpert :

also there is a little camera icon on the top right side of the messages window

just like this picture link --->>


No little camera icon only a name.

CompExpert :

remember the other user computer must have camera on their computer too. also, you account account and their account must be on the same server. like both yahoo or both apple messages account


They have an Apple account. It worked fine with iChat. I have no problem with Facetime on my phone or my iPad. I found a thread on Macworld that seems to have the information that I need.

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