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wifi problems

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just bought a new airport express, and my ethernet will work when i connect directly to my macbook pro, but when i use wifi on my mac or ipad, it won't work....


It also should be noted that i had the same problem with my other router


and my mac and ipad can connect in other places

iteachmac :

Welcome ,I will give a full and clear answer to your question, please make sure to reply to any questions I have. They may be essential to my reply.


iteachmac :

Hi ,


iteachmac :

I take it you setup the airport using the airport utility on the Mac .


iteachmac :

If you have issues connecting via wifi . :


iteachmac :



iteachmac :

here's a guide to setup wireless connections , please remove all your connections in network control panel before you do this . Pressing - for each connection , that maybe a config problem solved by removing the locations and connections.

Please can you go in to the Apple menu , system preferences , Network control panel , and press - "Minus" on all the connections in the list one by one to remove them.

Then press + "plus" for each device one by one - then :


please try to follow these steps for setting up wireless connection .

1 Go to the Apple menu , System preference .

2 Open the network control panel pane .

3 Choose edit locations from the drop down menu in , network pane .

4 Click the + button to add a new location also remove any if found already there before hand..

5 Name the location "new"

6 Select the NEW location from the drop down menu , in the network pane .

7 Click on airport for the new location , from side list .

8 Turn airport on , if it is off .

9 In the Network Name , choose your Wireless SSID , if you do not see it , use the join other network and select your routers SSID . , type in the name and , select the type of security used , in most cases it will be either WPA2 personal , or WEP , enter your network password. Try to avoid using WEP as it is not really secure. 

10 Tick the show airport in display bar option .

11 Click advanced button .

12 Go to the airport tab , add the SSID if its not shown it the list .

13 Go to the TCP/IP tab in advanced , select use DHCP

14 At the top of the screen use the new airport menu to join the network.

15 In the TCP/IP settings tab , you should now see your have a connection to the router .
and your IP address , subnet mask etc is now automatically filled in ..

16. You should now be online , and connected to your LAN network .
"local area"


iteachmac :

Extra wireless setup info :-

Things to do before s

etting up your router :

Find a clear channel in your area as far from other wifi channels in use , the next doors wifi maybe knocking yours out if on same channel , some what like AM CB radio used to be:

Try to pick a channel no one else is using next door , this tool can help find a clear unused channel . .

WiFi Scanner v1.1 **use this to check your wifi on the mac is working too :)

Once installed , look inside your Applications folder to see the app , Wifi scanner.

Launch it , and find out if there's any other networks in your area , and what channel their on , you don't want to be on the same channel so set your router to another channel in the mid range , channel 5 , 6 , 7 or 8 depending on other wifi networks close to you etc , normally other routers may be on channel 6 or 11 by auto etc . .

Router firmware update : update the router to the latest firmware , see the routers Manufactures website for this or update from inside the router config page.

With Airport express from apple you can use the Routers update firmware by launching Airport Utility and then see then Airport utility Menu , Check for updates option .


Your router must be setup to provide DHCP .

This is the standard operation in most cases .

You need to check the router is setup for DHCP , " to provide DHCP for network connections ". and not setup as a extender or access point , it must allocate ip addresses using DHCP or use shared IP address for all.

You need to check you are connected using DHCP and automatic mode on your Mac .

Open Apple menu system preference , network control panel .

Choose the Airport in the list .

Choose using DHCP

Click advanced ,

 Set configure ip6 address to auto .

Choose proxies tab .

Select use passive FTP mode ticked on .

Close the advance panel .

The airport connection in the left panel should be green , 
i.e Green = connected to your router .

The DHCP ip address that is set automatically by the router .

The ip may read or or etc .

Close all control panels .

Reset the router if need be. Turn off for 2 mins and then on.

Reboot both mac and Pcs and other devices if you have them to test.

iteachmac :

Please let me know if this helps ,


iteachmac :

Normally you can get in to the router Airport setup via Airport utility .

Mac HD / Applications / Utilities folder , Airport utility .


iteachmac :

Ipad :


iteachmac :

Sometimes you need to renew the DHCP on the ipad ..

Go to Settings / Wi-Fi Networks and tap blue arrow next to your home network. Select "Renew Lease" In the DHCP tab.

Forgetting the network can also help.

Go to Settings / Wi-Fi Networks and tap the blue arrow next to your home network.

This time tap "Forget this Network" and wait for your iPad to reconnect or add the SSID of your wifi routers name back in via Settings Wifi then enter the new password.

I hope this helps .


iteachmac :

Just type to me anything your not sure about .


iteachmac :



iteachmac :

Paul .


Customer: Thank you. It works
iteachmac and 6 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Well done , glad it worked out :)

Thanks .


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